9/13 Columbia, SC Tournament Results


1st: Bane
2nd: Dooboy
3rd: Icege

1st: Bane
2nd: ShinRyuX
3rd: Dooboy

1st: Eric
2nd: Darrick
3rd: Icege

1st: Darrick
2nd: Dooboy
3rd: Jose

1st: SSJ George Bush
2nd: Jose
3rd: Icege

I believe Kyle won SC2.

Thanks to everyone who showed up. This was my first time running a tournament and I’m sure everybody could tell. Thanks Ron for letting borrow your tv and sc2. Sorry you couldn’t be there but I realize you had more important things to do. Big thanks to Josh and Dave for helping me run brackets.

Even though nothing went as planned I really had a lot of fun until the last 15 minutes. That’s when I realized I was $90 short. Apparently somebody got to play in several games without paying entry fees or a room fee. I’m pretty sure I know who this person was since he was the only person complaining about entry fees and how he’d paid for everything. And when you subtract his fees and winnings it equals the missing money. I hope you had fun guy cause if you ever come here again and I suspect you’re doing something shady, I’ll punch you in the mouth.

Thanks to Eric, Darrick and the Charleston crew to helping me out with cleaning the room and donating money. I’ll try my best to make the next tournament better.


What up!!!

Oh shit Darick still playing, LOL. I hope we meet again soon.



Sorry I couldn’t make it out to support… but I’m even sorrier to hear that the money got funny right there at the end like that.

That’s ok… just chalk it up to “first tourney mojo”, I guess…

Congrats, and hope to see everybody at future local/regional events. Lates.


CvS2 - 10 people or so
1 - Darick - A Sak/Bison/Blanka-2
2 - Eric V from VA - A Sagat-2/Todo/Ken
3 - June Ro “dooboy” - N Sagat/Kim/Geese-2
4 - Chris T “str8edge” - A Ken/Eagle/Bison-2 *

MvC2 - 6 people :frowning:
1 - Eric V - MSP
2 - Darick - MSP
3 - Josh “icege” - Santhrax *

3s - 10 people or so
1 - Darick - Alex SA2, Ken SA3
2 - June Ro “dooboy” - Urien SA3, Ken SA3
3 - Jose - Chun Li SA2

GGXX - 8 people or so
1 - Raph “ssj george bush” - Baiken
2 - Jose - Dizzy
3 - Josh “icege” - Sol *

T4 - too many people or so
1 - Bane - i dont know who he plays, prolly Jin
2 - June Ro - i dont know who he plays, prolly Jin
3 - Josh “icege” - Marduk or Jin *

TTT - too many players or so
1 - Bane - King/Armor King? Jin/Devil??
2 - Jae “shinryux” - Julia/Kazuya??
3 - June Ro - Hworang/Jin??
4 - Dave “dead reckoning” - Lei/Kuma *

OH YEAH, * indicate Charleston dominance.

Oh wait, that didn’t happen. It was a lot of fun. Except for the people who scream profanities when he’s getting punched in the face and some guy complaining about alpha 3.

Darick + EricV are some neat people. They were like good at everything and it makes me sick. I’m going to punch them both in the face again with my magneto. HI MY NAME IS CHI, IS THIS A TOURNEY, oh wait they turned me into training mode. GOD WHAT A BUNCH OF HOMOSEXUALS. HAHA. Just kidding.

The tourney was mad fun, it was pretty well organized, the first time hurts a little bit, but now you can be better prepared/lubed for the next adventure.

Good job running the tourney Wayne, next time we might let you ride with us to get Chinese food :eek: Just kiddin, sorry about that, prolly all Josh’s fault and Chris’s. God I hate them.

hey let’s do it again, this time less bitching, more fun, more chinese, and more strippers plz.



  1. Eric - MSP
  2. Darrick - MSP
  3. Icege - Santhrax, Mag/Cable/Doom, Felicia/Storm/Cammy
  4. R.E.N. - Strider/Doom/Cable
  5. ilikebeingalive - MSP

Originally six people, but ShinRyuX had to bail so it got knocked down to 5. Eric is a fucking machine of death and pain. I beat ilikebeingalive cause he picked MSP vs. Santhrax and even I can win with that team. :rolleyes:


  1. Darrick
  2. Eric
  3. DooBoy

Peter, romevjr, Bigpaulll, and whomever else goes in there randomly. I’m not too sure how CvS2 went but I caught the winners’ and losers’ finals. Darrick vs. DooBoy was crazy. First game it looked like all was lost until Darrick’s A-Blanka ratio 2 hit play and RC Electricity everywhere and anywhere. I was like. :eek: Then Eric vs. DooBoy was crazy. DooBoy’s N-Geese was beasting, and then Eric comes back with A-Sagat fierces for all. It actually made me want to play the game, especially watching Darrick paint the fence with Vega. Omg! Pass me some of that funky shit!


  1. SonGohanX
  2. ChampD1201
  3. ?
  4. ?

All I know is that R.E.N. dove out of the ring with Voldo twice. I expected to see him in the finals. Next time we’ll bring Antonio so that Charleston might actually win a game.


  1. Darrick - Alex SA??
  2. Jose - Chun-li SAII
  3. DooBoy - Urien SA??
  4. ShinRyuX - Makoto SAII, Ken SAIII
  5. STR8EDGE - Dudley SAIII, Urien SA??
  6. Sat0shi - Akuma SA??
  7. Icege - Yun SAIII, Chun-li SAII
  8. Bigpaulll - Akuma SA??

I didn’t get to watch many of the matches unfortunately. I saw DooBoy and Darrick parrying jump-ins like it was candy though. DooBoy is good at every game . :frowning: ShinRyuX was beasting with SAII Makoto during casual play as was DooBoy with Yang SAII. Crazyness all over the place.


  1. SSJ George Bush - Baiken
  2. Jose - Axl, Dizzy
  3. Icege - Sol
  4. SonGohanX - Ky
  5. ChampD1201 - Sol
  6. Kyle

Baiken tatamis own me for free. I got thrown out of everything I did by SSJ George Bush. I couldn’t even Dust Loop I got hurt so bad. Good game to Jose though who got me in the losers’ finals. My first time playing against Dizzy. 1_2_3_4_5_6_7_8HS = tatamis > me


  1. Bane
  2. ShinRyuX
  3. DooBoy
  4. Dead Reckoning
  5. Panmarblic
  6. WayGamble
  7. Icege

I don’t even play this game anymore, not that I ever did. I got spanked like a bad little boy. DooBoy’s Hwoarang is crazy go nuts. Triple sidesteps and flamingo mix ups everywhere.


  1. Bane - Kazuya, Heihachi
  2. DooBoy - Lee, Jin
  3. Icege - Craig, Jin, Combot (Lee, Kazuya), Kuma
  4. Dead Reckoning - Heihachi, Jin?
  5. WayGamble - Law, Jin
  6. ShinRyuX - Julia, Jin

I sucked ass at the beginning. DooBoy’s Lee put the hurt on me so bad that when I got him again in the losers’ finals I couldn’t even do WS+2 combos with Kazbot. That’s ok though. 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time, 5-time Just Frame Salmon Hunter! Then Jin put Kuma back in the play pen. I finally beat Wayne in a tournament. Craig > him. Dave plays me too much and knows what I’ll do so I scrubbed out with my below average Jin. Bane’s Kazuya is God. Why does he do d/f+2 after wall push, 1,1,2 though? Beats?

Individual props


Wayne: Dude, great tourney. Mad sorry about the money, and ten times the apologies for leaving you behind. Food rings though bo, you know how it is. Did ya got shake Ron Jeremy’s hand at Heartbreakers after we left? I know Jerome wanted to shake his leg… if ya know what I mean.

Lyndsay: Come down to the Gullah again! You know you wanna. :lol: Good time meeting you, and once again, sorry about the drama of SRK and confusion of brackets.

Ron: WOO! YOU GOT MARRIED YOU BASTARD! And Wayne had a tourney on your wedding day? He was skerred of you.



Jae: What happened!? I see you beasting in 3S, and then it just goes downhill. Wish you could have stayed for MvC2 and taking 3rd instead of moi. Gratz on 2nd in TTT. You vs. DooBoy was crazy good. Wish I had a video camera for some of that shit.

Sat0shi: You beat me in 3S. Jerkface :frowning:

Myrtle Beach…

Justin: Was good to finally know your name. Come on down for our little bi-weeklys. Wayne and Ron do. Bring your crew too since SC2 IS there and we got a couple of locals who actually know how to play the game. Whether or not they can play it well is another story. Good matches to you and your boys who played GGXX.


Eric & Darrick: Ya’ll some of the coolest people I’ve ever met at a tournament. Thanks for coming out to eat with us, and I’m mad sorry that I had to bail of a sudden. Irritable Bowel Syndrome + girlfriend in hospital + only thing to eat being Chinese food = death for Josh. Thanks a ton for the advice, stories, and inspiration. You’re always welcome in Charleston. I’ll try to head up to some Charlotte tourneys now that I know that there’s some cool peeps there who are on another level. Eric, you’re a beast in MvC2. Darrick is a beast in CvS2. And then ya’ll both get 2nd in the games the other gets 1st in. Wtf!? I don’t believe!

Jose: Wish you coulda stayed bo. Thanks a bunch for the Yun SAIII advice. I used to be able to hit the c.mp xx dp+hp like candy, but I just can’t anymore. Good game in GGXX too. Whatever advice Raph gave you, I must hear. Dizzy’s big hand of death hurts.


Bane: Quit taking my money. Was cool chit chatting with you for a few minutes. I realized afterwards that I’ve yet to face you. Doh! Maybe when I can get my Craig back in the mix I’ll tangle :smiley:

DooBoy: Stop going to the finals in all the games. :frowning:

Panmarblic: Sorry you had to hear the bukkake scenario. :lol:

Charleston… I hate all you fuckers. kthxbi. Just kidding! Mad love. Jerome, I’m glad you made it. Dave, thanks for coming and toughing out my reckless driving. Chi and PJ, glad you could make it too. PJ, your Strider has gotten a LOT better. Chris can only win if he has a super. Paul finds a new grudge at every tourney. Who’s he gunning for next one?


Good job Bane and June representin the ATL.:cool:


Man, does Josh have to rep Charleston by him SELF? Step up the games you losers!

Also, I want to go tourny hunting with Jew when I come home. It’ll be nothing but straight MvC2 play till then! I can’t get into this Japanese games over here, it’s hard to learn when master hand your ass to you in seconds. :(:frowning:


PS: EMS even in Japan! Goddamn Battlecat!


Baiken tatamis own me for free. I got thrown out of everything I did by SSJ George Bush. I couldn’t even Dust Loop I got hurt so bad. Good game to Jose though who got me in the losers’ finals.

You got thrown lol, that is all we work on.


That right!:evil: We have agents all over the world like shadowloo.:lol: :lol: :cool:


word up to my peeps from the V.A.
erik V and Derrick(tekniqality)

ATLiens always beastin in Tekken!



Yea, the name champd1012, not 1201 but its aight everybody makes mistakes. It was fun though. Justin has a sick Mitsurugi.


cvs2 brackets found