9/13 MvC2 Orbit Results

T-1st - Teddy “DaFlipMastaXV” Bauza (Sent/Cable/Capcom, Storm/Cable/Capcom, Storm/Sent/Capcom, MSP)
T-1st - Bryan “JiggaBry” Simard (Sent/Cable/Capcom, Storm/Cable/Cyke)
3rd - Dennis Wong (Spiral/Cable/Sent, Doom/Cable/Blackheart, Magneto/Cable/Psy)
4th - ROC (Rogue/Storm/Assist, Cable/Storm/Capcom)
5th - Eric “JS Master” Liu
5th - Jason “Gerjay_2001” Marshall
7th - Mike “MikeC” Cheung
7th - Matt “Ex_Matt” Machula
9th - Some little Guy named Alex
9th - Roger “Ratio1Beatdown” Williams
9th - Mohammed
9th - Jason "Noodleman"
13th - Yuhin “Angel of Rage” Lee
13th - Justin “Nagata Lock II” Baisden

-Lots of upsets, just look at the results
-2p lp was shady all day…finally broke for good when bry was up 2-0 in grand finals)
-JS gets upset? by Dennis Wong, and then again by ROC
-Winners finals was 3-1 for me against Dennis Wong, Bry comes back from losers to beat Dennis 3-0 in Losers)
-Barely anyone playing Magneto…it was a team scrubfest

Although TO’s best didn’t play, I think Sauga sent a message :stuck_out_tongue:
Hope to see everyone again next tourney.

Alex is the BEST warmachine in T.O

Damn 5th place doesn’t even deserve to get teams posted… :frowning:

what the…

The hell happened here??

one word- Sauga

but dun’t worry, it’ll be different next tourney… hopefully :slight_smile:

screw that, looks like sauga just built, established, funded and hired teachers to open up a new school on the T.'s ass.

Good shit ROC hold it down with Rogue. Top 5
Eventhough u used Cable/Storm/Capcom but no sentinel I give u much respect. Let me know when the next big tourny is and I will mostlikly come.
O yeah good shit to everyone else.


sorry to dissapoint you, but the reason ROC came in top 5 is becuz he scammed the bracket and gave himself a bye. then i forfeited against him becuz he gave me money to. :slight_smile:

Re: Re: 9/13 MvC2 Orbit Results

Your funny cause I really do remember beating you 2-1 with Rogue and I didnt make the bracket nore did I get a bye.

And why would I pay you to lose when your the one that gave me the money to enter the tournament in the 1st place?

Vegita: The next big tournament in Toronto is probly around x-mas time, check out Tournament and Events around then.