9/13th cvs2 orbit tourney results


1-Roger williams (r1beatdown) A-rolento/bison/blanka, C-Guile/sagat/Blanka, K-CBS
2-Eric Liu (JS Master) A-Cammy, mai, rolento, rugal, geese, chun, vega, bison. (all the top tier chars :slight_smile: ) K-Geese, sagat, blanka.
3-Ian Dharaj (Arcade Legend) K-vega, sagat, blanka/rugal
4-Ken Lee (Omni dragon) C-chun, sagat, cammy
5-Jason Ma
5-Pete (sauvastika)
7-Byrin (Ultimate Rugal)
7-Dennis Kim (shadow fighta)
9-Dennis wong
9-Carlos chan
9-Justin Baisden (Nagata Lock II)
13-Tommy (phatest Pig)
13-Matt (exmatt)
13-Teddy Bauza (DaflipmastaXV)
13-Jason (gerjay 2001)
17-bryan (Jiggabry)
17- Kin Mah (Kymah :eek: )

lastly, many thanx to KOFN for asking the orbit owner about the tournament. without him, this tourney may never taken place.



Brampton > Sauga (on Japanese sticks.)

Byrin > Matt > Me (for now)

Am I right in assuming there’s going to be another tournament next month? Team BCC will be there in force (hopefully we can get our elusive fifth member Gandhi to come) to give the rest of you guys a run for your money.

GG’s to everyone yesterday and thanks to Eric, ROC, and Marvin for running their respective tournametns along with Ryan for hooking up the use of ORBIT’s cabinets (event mode next time would be really nice though).


Hey JS Master were you in some torney in China? I downloaded some CVS2 match vids from a Chinese web site and this player had the same name. Just asking out of curiosity


Just for clarification…Noodles is me…Jason Wong aka Noodleman


lol it was me…
plz dun’t judge my skills from those matches, since i’m no good with jap sticks :sweat:

noodleman: ur name is so hard to remember, i’ll just call u hop-super.


hey carlos made it in a higher place than pete or byrin. he was at metro. hence should be higher than those two


i dunno, the bracket seems so messed up since bramptons left. oh well this thing can’t be on apex again, so i guess only the top 3 mattered… hahhaa

oh and it’s always important to know who came in last… coughKINcough



Very good tournament …

STC stole top three for cvs2… wow


what do you mean stole… TOP 3 ARE BELONG TO US!


haha, i can’t even use that any more, since you keep calling me that! damn it…now i need to think of new bait outs =p


glad everyone had fun. sorry about the MvsC2. Hope everyone comes out for the Xmas break tourney.


man still no kam. Will he ever came back. =[


Actually Ian, Eric’s rankings are correct. The only reason Carlos went to METRO is becasue he hadn’t played his match against Ken before Brampton left. Byrin was already waiting for the winner of Carlos vs Ken before leaving. Same goes for Peter, he was already waiting for you for 5th spot after beating Dennis but you hadn’t faced Roger as yet.