9/14 Tampa SVC tourney results

Ok here’s a quick results of the results.

1st= Lil Brian (Guile)
2nd= Roland a.k.a. InfamousElement (Genjyuro)
3rd= Brian a.k.a. MegaMan6380 (Earthquake, Chun Li)

This was one wierd tourney, as all the good players got bumped off early. Anyway, I’ll post my thoughts on this tourney later.

wish i coulda been but sunday not good day for me :frowning:

Good players didn’t win?
Well that’s strange…

Damn are u saying i suck!

And damn yall have called me lil bryan so much i decided to fuckin make the damn name lol…

All right fine bitch! I’m 6 foot 203 pounds but I’LL be lil’ brian ok! :lol:

I’m just fuckin wit u, i know, that wouldn’t be right to call u lil brian, lol…i’ll deal with it…:frowning:

We can call you Susan if it makes you feel any better.

I actually thought they were the top pick at the game… well except for Bryan…:stuck_out_tongue:

fuck you allen, why don’t u come play me in SVC??

why are you guys playing that broke ass game?

and this is coming from a marvel player…

your lucky u got that pimp-ass avatar mike or id say somthin’. :smiley:

Please, you’re talking to people who take XvsSF seriously:lol: You think broken games are gonna stop us?:lol: :evil:

I can play that broke ass game, well becuz i’m already a marvel and x-men player, so y not add another broken game to the list???


We have yet to see an SvC glitch where characters will fly into the sky and never return.

The way that game is going give it a week…

And whats wrong wit XvSF!!!

amen to that! :smiley:

I think that would be a pleasant change from the upcoming season of goomba jokes this game will no doubt inspire…