9/14 Toronto 3S 3V3 Tournament Results



Tim Lee - Ken
Blaise Ng - Urien
Anthony Cheng (Supapuffy) - Hugo

Ben Chen - Urien
Frank Lin - Yun
Steven Liao - Necro (Pocari Sweat)

Anthony Chang (Aneurysmx) - Oro
Ryan (King of Naboo) - Q
Adam Bubulia (AdamB) - Ryu

Carlos Chan - Ken
Jon Chen (Jonstar!) - Chun Li
Jay Nogoy (YellowS4) - Dudley

Henry - Makoto
Bobby - Dudley
Darin - Ken

Doug Heung (hyt) - Ken
Gary Lam - Ryu
Perry leung - Remy

Jackie - Ryu
Ricky - Chun Li
Frank Yip - Akuma

First of all, if any names are spelt wrong, sorry.
I had a wonderful time organizing this event and i’m glad that everything ran smoothly. Thanks to Doug and Jay for trying to meet my demands to management and succeeding on all counts.


  • Anthony (Oro) single handedly beat my team and doug’s team before losing in the winner’s finals.

  • During loser’s semi’s Ben’s Urien had Jay’s Dudley trapped in a midscreen reflector. Just as the reflector was going to end, Urien went for a throw and Dudley teched, but fell into the reflector, got hit and bounced towards Urien and then ate a low fierce -> EX headbutt to end the match.

  • The participants in the finals are all current or graduated University of Waterloo students. We all play against each other regularly and Tim is Frank’s student and Blaise is Ben’s student and we all play against Anthony regularly. So finals was a kinda of student VS teacher affair. Congratulations on Tim, Blaise and Anthony.

I really can’t remember anything else from the tournament. If anyone else has anything to add go ahead. Thanks to all the people that participated in the tournament. This wouldn’t have been a enjoyable event without you guys. Thanks!!!


Thanks to Sliao for putting forward the initiative to hold a 3S tourney.

Thanks to the Orbit staff for putting out their time to set the machine and fix the cabinet.

Thanks to all those players who participated, and all the spectators for watching.

Congratulations to the winners!

VIVA LA TOSF 3S! (eh, which implicitly includes Waterloo… LOL)


Damn Uriens! both time I lost to an Urien.
It was hella fun, lets do it again sometimes!
Do I get APEX pts? or any pts??? :sweat:


yah that was a cool tournament! too bad i didn’t get to play in the final match against u guys (pocari sweat)… blaise went on fire for that match :smiley: but i had fun playing in the previous matches

thx to jay for helping us get the joysticks fixed before the tournament… u guys should ban the smashing akuma guy haha… i mean how can u break the start button??? :bluu:

so when are we going to have our sean vs sean tournament? haha


haha… people have been asking me about when the next tournament is going to be already… and all i have to say is that you’d have to ask my professors cause i don’t think i’m going to get that many breaks anymore. i’m glad that most people had a good time.

sean vs sean tournament eh?? haha… like everyone’s only allowed to use sean or something?? that would be interesting…


Hey Aneurysmx do you know the unblockable setups for yagou dama because i’m trying to learn him. Thanks for the help in advance.


Yeah Guys, great Tourney…I had a great time(despite the results).:depress: Good match we had Anthonty…Damn your standing 720!!!

P.S: Antoine, I’m so sorry for not performing well, you pretty much carried our entire team…Next time though!:sweat:


Evil Rahsaan, sorry man, I only know how to use Oro’s SA1 and SA3, duno too much about the Yagu Dama, or its unblockable set ups… Oro has unblockable Yagu Dama set ups?? damn… haha
But if u want help for the other 2 supers, I’d be glad to help. My oro is pretty much: stun u and kill u with a super :lol: :lol: :lol:

Supapuffy, ur Sean sucks… I owned u durin the practice rounds.
But damn u and ur team for winning. HAHAHA (join our team next time…) :stuck_out_tongue:

Adam, dont worry man, u played well, u had to face the best players on the other teams all the time, cant blame u… I think maybe Shinkuu would have been a better coice than ShinSho eh? U like the ex moves anyways.


omg! I goto waterloo right now. when do you guys drop by the cove?


virtually never cause the stick on the 2P side is kinda screwed for 3S. plus it’s still 50 cents to play and it’s on damage setting 4. But if you drop by sometime and you see somebody use Yun SA3 or Necro SA3 it’s probably me. Nobody else in the school uses any other character other than Ken or Ryu.


hmm damn, to bad i didn’t show up lol… i would of teamed up with angryblack to be TEAM ANNEX lol… Congrads to the winners…





Bump??? What the hell do you mean by that???:confused:


AneurysmX like to “bump” things :rolleyes: mostly inanimate objects


Fuck u both.


oooh 3some… haha no thanks

sorry for not going to eglinton tonite i needed to get my japanese assignment done for tomolo


watch out jay

that day before i was going to casino for overnight so i am so tired to play with your dudley…i will beat you next time in tournament…but actually i always beat u in pacific…lol ~!


just wondering, are the club300 sticks fixed yet??


i think it’s only 20% fixed… so it still sucks


ugh… nowhere to go to play SF in TO anymore… at least for cheap…