9/14 University Pinball (PHILLY) MvC2, CvS2



1st: Damian Eklund - mag/cable/sent, storm/sent/cable
2nd: Julian Robinson - sent/cable/capcom, sent/cable/guile
3rd: Josh Wong - mag/cable/sent, mag/storm/psycock
4th: Brandon Deshields - ironman/storm/sent
5th: Bryheem keys - cable/bh/doom, cable/bh/capcom
5th: Rick Mears - storm/sent/cable


1st: Julian Robinson - C-gief/chang/vega-2
2nd: Josh Wong - K-blanka/bison/geese-2
3rd: Som D - A-iori/sagat-2/bison

5am and the victory party is over…


nice job damian on getting 1st, I haven’t seen u in that place in a while.

Josh, i will have the game for sure by next philly tourney since it is the last time i will see you. Also if you can don’t buy it from nobody else, could you hold the $15 for me?

Also, i will throw in a copy of my mvc2 music edit that i will be getting in the mail this week from my friend.

Thanks man:)


Damian’s fukking best in philly…represent whatever’s left of TEAMGRANITE!! Argh…was WAY too tired and burnt out to stay too long for the victory celebration but whatever. Team Granite’s too powerful…


good stuff Damian


DAMN! damian is the shit! good job man. i can’t believe rick didn’t walk away with it! i thought for sure he was going to win.

we were hoping to see you on friday, a few of us baltimore players came up. we’re plannin on headin up there the weekend after this one. we really wanna play you and josh, mike b, rick, brandon, and everyone. we’ll post before we come to see when we can catch people.


I hope I see all you guys up there next weekend.


Hey brandon, sorry i didnt pm ya yet, srk won’t let me. You got aim? If you do, hit me up, my names tyranidman. I’ll try and pm you again, maybe srk will work for once :). Good job in the tourney, your im should be gettin you 1st though.


i got aim, and i will im you. My name is hyo19.

Heh, i probally would get first. It is just that my dumb ass dosen’t pick him when i need him.

Oh well it is just a game so who cares anyway, maybe i will wake up and start using him when i need him:sweat:


oh my god i placed higher in CVS2 than marvel. and just today (9/15) i went to the break and got 2nd in CVS2 and 2nd in Soul Calibur. must be some kind of sign for me to stop playing marvel. hey damian how much did eric cut you?


only 2nd in soul calibur, can’t you mash anymore?

the full entry fee gave me temporary immunity to the cut…


:evil: i will get you josh wong:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :evil:


Hey josh whod ya play in SC2 let me guess rafeal or mayebe cassandra???


LazyJ got second in SC2? “MASH HARDER BOYEE!!” or I will scout and deagle you cs style…


youre such a dick. am i the only one you cut? i never dodge the entry fee and i still dont ever see 40$.


Its getting BIGGER:evil: because i like you buddy i will think about it when you stop making deals with scrub ass players and you no who i’am talking about The OWNER knows about all the deals in here.:eek: but i still love you man.:smiley: Do this and i will stop i want you to knock all the players off rape them ever time we have a tournament and stop playing around that the only way we will get better and the same think goes for rick, julain and cheap ass bryheem.:frowning:


deals?huh? your typing is tough to comprehend.


you been cutting me before i started making deals. i would think that i would be the last one you would cut. i probably travel from farther than any of the philly regulars just to play in the tourney. i gotta pay a 3$ bridge toll just to get there. i even drove you home when you didnt have a way to get there. i put the arcade and the address on my sig just so i can get you more business cuz i’m tryin to help you out. and every tournament i win i get 30$ no matter what. you can look at the last couple of philly tournaments i got first in. 16 people, 14, 16, 12. this isnt gotcha games. the Upinball pot should be 80$ for every 16 and even 60$ for 12. so at the very least i should be taking home 60$ but instead i barely get half. you owe me about 150$ in my winnings that i never get. its also winner take all so i dont get how 50$ can just disappear from the pot. even if you make it 6 for 2 games the pot should be 48$ for 16 people but youve only recently started making the price lower. i’d rather be taking home some extra money and getting a better meal than helping put your kids through school. you’d be surprised how many people know about “the cut”. you think its a big surprise summerjam had 24 marvel players? sanford and justin both know about what goes on in philly and they tell people too. dont think the only way people will find out is by winning a tournament. why did me and damian go to VA only to find out everybody already knows that UP’s pot is a little light. they dont ever win there but for some reason they know about everything. damian got 2nd place in marvel that time in VA and he got 38$ for a 23 man tournament. the entree fee was only 4$. i’m not a greedy person i just dont like getting fucked.


Josh wong will run the mvc2 tournament this weeknd:cool:


Chinkboy OWNS!


I was wondering when you would speak up about it, i feel ya man