9/15 CVS2 @ The Break Results!



  1. Jeron A Mai/Chun li/Rugal
  2. Josh Wong K Vega/Blanka/Geese/Rock
  3. Robert S K Yamazaki/Terry/Vega/Cammy
  4. Hector A Kim/Sagat/Blanka
    5a) Jerry Hong N Sagat/Blanka/Other (Mostly Vega!)
    5b) Phi - C Yamazaki/Bison/Other people

Cammy is too good, don’t jump straight up in the air or she’ll run right underneath you from a full screen away


Damn you Sigley, stop posting results from the break!! No one cares!

Cvs2 needs more top tiers for me to choose from. eg Sagat/Blanka/Old Sagat.

-Jerry, born with no conscience.


ooo post the soul calibur results.