9/16 Denjin Arcade Free 3s Tourny Results

36 Players entered

Here are the results:

1st- Sextaro (makoto)
2nd- Wang (ken)
3rd- Gootecks (urien)
4th- Mike Z (makoto sa3)
5th- Vinny (ken)
5th- Dash (chun)
7th- Victoly (dudley)
7th- Pherai (akuma)
9th- Zantua (yang)
9th- Marc “Triumvir” (dudley)
9th- Lenin
9th- Chan (ken)

Special thanks to JMJ & crew for the Hot Dog Fundraiser for Mario’s funeral…we appreciate everyone’s donations to help their family’s tragic loss

Last place : Arlieth (makoto)


fun times, ggs

ggs, yi work on your kara throw and learn that Kuroda setup from the DVD fool

ggs, fun tourny and thanks again gooktecks for the hotdog!

Vinny representing for the youngins…

np, high five!

Lots of fun. GGs everyone.

Good to meet high-ranked players in person. Dope tourney :wink:

GG’s so fun

Hmm… :rolleyes:

He wasn’t in last place last night. :lovin:

Um. Yeah nobody wants to hear that shit.

Your a faggot Yi.

Call more people weenies.



Fun tourney guys. GGs to all. Sucks that you spilled your “Monster” on my shoes Ray ;). See you guys on the 4th.

HAH best post so far.

And I don’t even deserve 9th place. I was playing like a fucking yi wang.