9/16 Durham Gamefrog Quick Results Summary

3rd Strike (41 people)
1st Eric Kim (Ramza) (Makoto) (loses to no one)
2nd Jon Braxton (Deviljin) (Ibuki) (loses to Ramza 2x)
3rd Alex Roski (Cajunstrike) (Makoto) (loses to EK, DJ)
4th Ecko (Chun)

1st Isaac motherfucking Graham

1st Beast of Fire
2nd Shazay
3rd Caveman
4th Mr Mamation

CvS2 (24 people)
1st James Dostie (MegaZangief) (lost to Robin)
2nd Robin Palm (Renegade) (lost to James Dostkie 2x)
3rd Shaun Cosby (iceninja) (lost to James 2 x)
4th Lucious Clayton (sieclayton) (lost to Rockman, Shaun)

A3 (22 people)
1st Kevin Micheals (V- Ryu, V-Ken) (lost to ???)
2nd Erik Peterson (A-Gief) (lost to Kevin 2 x)
3rd Pat Van Pelt (V-Vega) (lost to Erik Peterson, Kevin Micheals)
4th Robin Palm (A-Chun) (lost to Erik Peterson, Kevin Micheals)

KOF 11
1st P-Soul
2nd Cajunstrike
3rd Orochi

-va takes 3S, but kinda tanks CvS2, and Havoc loses to both NC K groovers and PVFP loses to Robin and Lu.

-I had a really fun time in A3, considering that except for 2 matches I ONLY played counter matches. My matches: Chun/Gief, Chun/Rolento (good one), Chun/V-gief, Chun/Gief, (losers) Chun/Guy, Chun/Ryu. Eeesh.

-Seriously, I had a great time, but I don’t know what the hell time we would have gotten out if I hadn’t stepped in on 3S. Shit was like 8pm and losers hadn’t even started yet, 3S tv’s were unused back in the place, people playing casuals, and the brackets being a crazy mess w/ numbers. S’all good and everything got worked out, maybe next time we’ll get NC v VA.

Hopefully Saisyu will put up full results later.

good shit in threez chesapeake, esp Eric you deserve this shit man.

Bad shit in Civis, wtf happened pat!??

And gs in a3 pat.

Kimmicks FTW and Jon B got 2nd…Go VA.




The future Team NINJA PLEASE


Myself and DJ


DevilJin, JiBbo, I’ve Jihad it, Yeah Dood 120%


Dj and company


Edmondantes vs Cool Person who’s name I don’t know.
(This was the 10$ money match set… which ended 10-10)


Roski vs Eric


Grand Finals. Erik vs DevilJin


Roski Vs Luke


Yeah Dood 120% vs Eet More Chikin, Round 1


Yeah Dood 120% vs Eet More Chikin, Round 2


VIDEOS (Crap Quality)(One Round Each)

Eddie Vs DevilJin


YeahDood 120% vs James


next time guys next time…

:rock: Yeah Dood 120% OCV’d Eat More Chikin in that dance off. :rofl: Eat More Chikin couldn’t keep up with Yeah Dood’s god tier robot poppin skills. In the end, Yeah Dood [COLOR=“Yellow”]Finest K.O’d Eat More Chikin, when he countered Eat More Chikin’s Cha Cha Slide with the Robot Moonwalk. Eat More Chikin’s fate was doomed the second he dawned that ridiculous cow costume… dood.[/COLOR]

I’m in this one.

HAHAHA too funny!:rofl:

I had fun, and I’m finally starting to see improvement.

JiBbo and Yeah dood 120%: I had fun talking to you both, and you guys are really funny. I hope to see you both at game lan’d.

Bradon and Ali: Thanks to both of you for the tips and words of encouragement. It helped a lot.

Deviljin: It was nice to finally meet you. Good job getting second.

Deviljin bro(sorry didn’t get your name.): It was nice meeting you. I hope to see you both at the game lan’d tournament.

James: You’re a funny guy.

Psoul: we didn’t talk, but it was fun playing you in XI. We have to play again sometime.

Edmondantes: It was nice talking to you.

Mostly good thoughts about the tornament. I am still really pissed about teh botched NGBC tourney. People actually wanted to play the game and a lot of mis communication was taking place. Good shit to VA/MD for coming through. I will be coming to one of yours soon. Good shit to NC in general. We won everygame except for 3rd. I really find it funny how the game that NC owns the country in doesn’t get played in NC for a tourney lmao. Plenty of people were interested just no one was able to sign up. I guess I should stop playing that game and concentrate on 3rd so at least i’ll have something to play.

Overall, I had a good time, but this tourney was riddled with problems. First off, CVS2 must be run on multiple TVs. That game takes far too long, and if u arent gonna do it evo style(1 game matches until final 4/8 whatever), there is no way that u will finish on time. Really, there was a total lack of organization in every game except slash. Which brings me to my second point…trying to kick people out before the tourney is finished. I dropped from GG teams so Aaron could play instead and not get kicked out, cuz im not gonna be responsible for someone who’s never been to Durham having to stand outside by themselves until im finished.

As far as my play goes, im ridiculously disappointed. I felt like i should have won every match that i lost(cept to Renegade in A3…he flat outplayed me. gj dude). I guess i hit that point last night where just playing well and not winning is no longer acceptable. Then again, that’s probably a good thing.

[quote=“JiBbo, post:4, topic:18547”]

DevilJin, JiBbo, I’ve Jihad it, Yeah Dood 120%

You guys look like a broken pop group :rofl: (j/k nice seeing all of you)

I had a good time even though i went 0-2 in 3rd strike, I won KOF XI (nobody really cares about snk but oh well)

No NGBC :shake:

xYourMasterx: good matches in XI man, sorry I didnt really talk much.

I keep forgetting your name sorry, Devil Jins brother: nice talking to you, my malin is all thanks to you.

as far as how smooth the tourney ran/money: …

Good shit guys. MvC2 was 22 people and top 3 were Isaac, Sean, Danny (don’t know their SRK names). I’m going to be upping finals from MvC2 as well as 3S here soon (I wish I got CvS2, as James held that shit DOWN) as well as the Roski vs. Ramza match.

First of all, good shit to the players.

OK. Now, I don’t just wanna talk reckless shit, but whatever… for a place with so many TVs and systems, there’s no reason why shit should run as slow as it did. At any given time, there were far too many stations being used for casuals/nothing. To turn around and kick people out before the end (and be pretty rude about it), was really shitty since the tournament could have ended much earlier had it been run properly.

And CvS2… damn. I mean, CvS2 is slow enough as it is. Why play the slowest version of the game, 2/3, on one TV? Not to mention DC CvS2 has the added issues of finding converters and setting up buttons (easily addng 5-10 minutes to every set), no taunt (letting K-Groove store meter), and at least for me personally, the speed difference from PS2 (the current standard), fucked up my RCs. No wonder you guys have like the last K-Groovers in the US (I don’t want to make it sound lie I’m making excuses for losng, because the simple fact is that I failed to adapt, and I fucked myself up x number of times, even fucking up Eagle’s custom once. I clearly didn’t deserve to win the matches I lost. Still these are issues that just shouldn’t be)…

PS2 is the clear way to go, and it seems like it shuld go without saying that CvS2 needs more than one station. Solves any controller issues, and keeps it standard with the rest of the country. Also, I think the $5 thing was kinda shitty considering people had been asking for the bump to $10 on the boards for weeks, and people came from out of state to play… I don’t know. It just seemed like the whole atmosphere there was like “fuck the players; we’re doing this how we’re gonna do it”.

Other than that, again, good shit to all the players, even though nobody would money match me even though I was playing like complete ass… It was cool meeting ya’ll NC fools.

Good shit to Robin for repping CvS2 when we couldn’t…

GS to Kimmicks of course. Got me $20 :tup: Asian power is too strong.

Good shit to Majors for running CvS2 like a fucking dictator towards the end. That’s how it needed to be.

Everybody else… Til next time.

this whole weekend was fun except for how badly i was playing all weekend. haha im gonna practice more now.

good seeing all the southern peeps i havent chilled with in a bit, and all my md/va peeps too.

good shit repping VA/MD.

any MvC2 tournament we hold in NC that isaac attends is basically a tournament for 2nd place, isaac with his top player glitches, tournament was fun, kinda unorganized, but fun, hopefully everyone comes to Charlotte on Oct 14th for the gamelan’d tournament we are planning on holding

p.s. Rod is my hero 100% “oh my god!”

Well i’ll say this about cvs2. I’d been preparing to play it on ps2 like i was told it was going to be on. Lag from converters was terrible. I think it really effected everyone. It took me a couple of matches (since there wan’t really any causals) to get the timing down for JDs. I know that James was fuckin up a lot too. But I’ll do some money matches when we come up there. We (well I) owe that to you guys at least for comin down in force. Alsow when we get up there you’ll prolly have Moose and Rugal so you’ll be in full force.

The hell happened Pvfp? Good shit to NC for holding shit down I guess next time I will come or Jody. GG to Devil and Kimmicks.

I had a lot of fun at this tourney. It was a little cramped and things should’ve been moved around, IMO. It’s too bad NC couldn’t represent 3S :sad: . But oh well. It was kinda effed up how YeahDood got jewed in 3S. Ali’s my boy and all but that situation was handled incorrectly.

Also, in the cliff notes version of the results, 4th place didn’t go to Ali. He tied for 5th with me. 4th place goes to Ecko. Just FYI.

more MvC2 results (all from Charlotte)
1st: IFG
2nd: Shaun Banks
3rd: Danny Lima
4th: George Alvarez

Tournament ran alright… Even though it took forever for it to get started, I had a lot of fun… I dont get to game much, so it was cool :lol:

Hmm… I got owed by Ed, and Nick in 3rd… -.-;; Nick, Im tired of having to play you in tournies:lol:Ed, I under estimated you… Man you beat the breaks offa me :lol:… Thanks for the Remy advice though!:tup: Ya’ll both are solid as hell… But yeah… Next time it will be diff!!:mad:

~ Da Wasian

Edit: Anyone have full results…?

Just wanted to say thx to Robin for letting us crash and it was cool as hell hanging out with you guys (:


Remember that pedo billboard in Richmond? Lmao.