9/16 FFA RanBat 3.2 3rd Strike Results

46 ppl entered

Here are the results:

1st - Pyrolee (Yun) 10 Points
2nd - Famous Star w/ cheese (Dudley) 7 Points
3rd - Gootecks (Urien) 5 Points
4th - Amir (Chun Li) 3 Points

Total Points:

There is a 4-way tie for 1st place!

10 points - Shadini 4:20
10 points - Amir Amirsaleh
10 points - Gootecks
10 points - Pyrolee
7 points - Famous Star w/ Cheese
3 points - Ed Ma

Congrats to this weeks winner, Pyrolee!..there were some issues with his loss at the winners bracket, but you fought your way to the top!..As always, it was a fun tourny!..I’d like to thank Fubarduck for coming down and playing at Ranbat 3.2…your a very cool dude! :wink: 5 Star changed his name to Famous Star w/ cheese and made his dudley debut…good job getting 2nd with dudley!..I’d like to thank my staff - Arlieth, Jeremiah, Gootecks and Rockefeller for all their help…you guys rawk! :lol: Big Fat Huge thanx to everyone that came down and entered!..I apologize for the delay with the vids…Ive been having problems with video editors lately and Im trying to get it straighten out…I’ll see everyone in 2 weeks

Yeah an injustice of biblical proportions…
I was sent to losers without even losing!


LOL man I gotta hear the story on that one hehehe

Good shit on 3rd Gootecks, making all of us Urien players Proud =D


dude you were being a baby that night. the tourney already started late and you made it last longer with your “no! empty jump in, low forward super.” “geez i couldn’t possibly mess up a combo i’m pyrolee it has to be b/c the sticks are broken”… wow you win the tourney, yet you still complained about that “injustice” after. sore winner FTL GFG michael fauson… -_- smh.

some one has trouble sensing sarcasm over the net. anyway… Dudley? This a joke?

good shit FAMOUS.STAR


I’m sorry that you don’t understand 3s enough to feel my pain

and btw Gootecks said “i know that side sucks” so go to hell

Next time you’re at FFA let me know who you are so I can play you first round every tournament for the rest of your life and let you get out of FFA a little faster. I don’t want you upset that the tournaments around here go past your bedtime.

:rofl: :rofl:

I miss FFA…

pyro, I’m curious, what side was it that you played on that was messed up?

(Aside from like…all of 'em, that was. Joel Benefiel playing on 2nd cab 1P side was kinda funny now that I remember what happened)