[9/18] The Best Of The Beast Coast SF4/BB Tournament #4 Philadelphia

Where: 214 s.42nd st Philadelphia, PA 19104
(Two blocks from University Pinball Arcade)

When: 9/18 Friday

What: SF4 Singles, BB Singles, STHDR Singles, KOF XII Singles

This is our new weekly tournament of Philadelphia!!!

Every last week of the month will be the tournament of the top 8 placers of these weeklies!!!

Every Single match of the Tournament will be recorded with HD quality

SF4/BB Sign up starts at 7:30pm, Tournaments start at 8pm sharp
(late comers start in the losers bracket)

If you can’t make it on time, call me ahead of time and text me your Game tag, names and location(i.e Evildrakefang, One, PA),

to 215-776-6676

Entrance fee: $10

Venue fee: $3 per head

Prize: 70%, 20%, 10% based on the pot for regular weeklies, winner takes all for the last week of the month(top 8 only)

Casual Free play starts at 4pm on PS3, Free sodas(Coke, Sprite etc)

Free play setup available for PS3

!!!Xbox360/TV donators get $5 discount for their entree!!!

Set ups: XBOX 360 only

House TV’s: 1 x 32" Samsung LCD HDTV, 2 x 22" ASUS LCD HDTV

House Sticks: Two duel moded Madcatz TE sticks

BYOC(Bring Your Own Controller!!)

You can pause the game by mistake, but if you did on purpose to mess up your opponent’s attack, you’ll get Disqualified.
(in winners bracket -> losers bracket, losers bracket -> go home :D)

No matter who you are, you got 5mins once your name is called for matches. After 5mins, you’ll get Disqualified.
(If you don’t want this, leave your cell phone number so I can contact you when your matches are up)

Double Elimination

Winners, Losers Final: Best 3 out of 5 matches

Grand Final: Best 3 out of 5 matches

Any suggestions ??


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you know it, if i got off ill be there yet again cant wait for the next time

will there still be kof xII, and i will def try to bring what i can for tourney support!!!

For Blazblue match videos, click the BB bracket, click the score than click the score in the note again


ima be there One would you like me to bring my xbox


SF4, BB, HDR, KOFXII this week!!!

gonna be crazy as hell!!!

can’t make it this week, I will however try and come up for casuals thursday

was thinking about going to the break tourney tonight, but i suure do hate that drive

you aint ready for me mr. skye thompson.

haha that was one of the reasons i was thinking about heading up there tonight, but i really don’t want to drive so it is unlikely

I take skye over martin all day long :slight_smile:

do i have to register or anything for this? or can i just show up?


So how many people are expected to show up to this? I might come …

Who knows…

But usually having 12-14 for sf4 and im expecting to see some bb cats this week

Sry I can’t make it this week, but def next week I’ll be back! I believe that’s the end of month tourney right? Save me a mango ice pop!

No touney tonight turoring schedule has changed to 7pm ($100 :D)

see you next week

same here…2/3 of team anonymous in the house, lol

glad i poped in here almost came down. now got time to work on TE plexiglass was gonna bring down

I came to work early so I cld come to this tournie, oh well. Who is gonna be on ps3 online? Or on xbox live even. Hit me up online cause I needs practice.