9/19 ACTivegamerS Presents: BB + SFIV results

SFIV Singles ( 12 entrants )

  1. Hugo101
  2. OnlineTony101
  3. DJ Vest
  4. Kilomax
  5. Dr Zipper
  6. Mooyang
  7. Eric
  8. Chingong

Blazblue Singles ( 9 entrants )

  1. Bang Camaro
  2. Tronzilla666
  3. ZONG_One
  4. Mooyang
  5. Kiunch
  6. Matrixmatt
  7. Toshinu
  8. Render

not a bad turnout considering the fact there are were so many other tournaments hosted on this date. Congratulations to Hugo101 and Bang Camaro for taking first place in each respective game and earning free entry to the next Singles event ACTivegamerS hosts.

Thanks again for the support and we hope More people show up, this company can only grow as much as the community supports us and with that being said
be ready for a big event in November with well over 6 thousand dollars being prepared to be given away spread across Street Fighter IV, Blazblue, and Tekken 6 keep your eyes open and always stayed updated by visting

GG’s to everybody that showed up and played. i was the guy with the blanka shirt

GG’s everyone. This was my first tourney so it was a good experience (I’m Eric)…
Thanks to Hugo for the advice on certain matchups… I was the Ken player that teamed up with the Fei-Long player for the team 2v2 team tournament.

hey wussup guys, good games, i was da fei long player! Mr. Fei long will now be my alias name XD! props to hugo for the casuals, and others for forcing me to get in the dam tourney! XD GGS!

  • I WAS ON THE TEAMS!! WHERE DA RESULTS FOR TEAMS…wait not many people were in, but i like my name on the result list…XD!




Next Time Guys!!!


No, keep him locked lol

Render was running late and basically gave me a free bye. No rep for the dvd tutorial :frowning:

I’d fuck up render anyways

But I’m Render!

Get at me son

I miss you manchez

haha srrry render ]: … your Jin hella rapes though i hope next timmee u dont hit such bad traffic!


haha, no worries. I shouldn’t have asked to have people sign me up if I wasn’t gonna make it on time.

At least I won the 2v2 tourney by myself. :smokin:

Bang > STFU I will eat your babies

Deal with it

are you showing up for the friday night beatdown this week?

team results please thank you