[9/19] LI NY Smithtown PnT SF4/BlazBlue/Melty Blood tournament


Hey guys! Since our last Play n Trade SF4/ BlazBlue tournament did as well as it did I’m bringing you guys another one. Only this time I’m goin to be running SF4,BlazBlue, and Melty Blood! I was talking to Kenny (Desert Coffin) about it and he’s interested in running it so I figured that we’d give it a go and host it along with our SF4 and BB tournament. Also I’m interested in doing Third Strike if there is enough desire for it. Also the guys from http://www.youtube.com/user/FrameAdvantageDotCom will be there to do a live stream, recording, and live commentary! I hope to see everyone there!

Date -
September 19th

Time -
Casuals start 1:00
Registration starts at 2:00
Matches start at 3:00-3:30

32 East Main Street
New York, 11787
United States of America



1-631-871-3860 (Ask for Brad)

For those of you taking the train from Penn station use the Port Jeff line and get off at the Smithtown station.

The tournaments run will be :

  • Street Fighter 4 - PS3/Xbox360
  • BlazBlue - PS3/Xbox360
    -Melty Blood - PS2

Tournament entry per game : $5
House Fee : 10$

The prize pots will be split between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

Also if more than 25 people sign up then my boss said he will put an extra $25 into the pot and if 35 people show up he will put another $25 into the pot for a total of $50 extra dollars. From that point on for every 10 more people he will add in another $25 into the pot. So the more peoplethat show up the bigger the pot bonus will be!

SFIV Rules -
All characters allowed.
Rounds are best 2/3 and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

BlazBlue Rules -

Unlimited chars are banned.
Easy specials are banned.
Rounds are best 2/3 rounds and matches are best 2/3.
Finals will be best 3/5 rounds and 2/3 matches.
Double Elimination.

Melty Blood : Actress Again (ps2)

Double Elimination
Default game settings (99sec, 2point match)
Best of Three (2/3 Matches)
Grand Finals (only): Best of Five (3/5 Matches)
Winner must stay with character/Loser is allowed to switch characters.
Winner is allowed to switch Moon Phase (Crescent,Half,Full).

The matches will be run downstairs on the store’s 8 LCD HDTV’s. This time well also have HDTV cables from the start so there wont be any waiting.

Also if anyone is willing to bring their PS3 to this we would greatly apprecate it! The store only has one PS3 to use so we would need a few more for BB and SF4.

If I forgot to mention anything or you have any questions or concerns just let me know so I can clarify things. Thanks and I hope to see you all there!


Oh man, Kenny might have an MBAA running? Gotta get Hype for that, although I reaaaally stink at it right now.

I might just play BlazBlue for now, but I wouldn’t mind trying out MBAA again. Gotta have my Seifuku Akiha. <3


Bisonopolis is there a way you can get a tv that is not hd there?.. MBAA will run like garbage on those hd tvs

Ereki- if you want you can always play casuals at my house!!! its home of the Melty Loli Brigade


I can bring my CRT from home.


Oh man, I should’ve expected that. But the lolis EVERYWHERE, I’m a little scared after seeing White Len at the last one. xD


is it the crt that was at your tourn 3s was on?

Ereki its nothing to be afraid of embrace the loli !!! white len is is frosty!!


No. Its the one that Marvel was on.


yeah thats fine


ill be bringing a couple of people for MB !!!


Awesome. Get Hype for this people! We’ve got lots of games, 9 setups for tournament and casual games, and Ive just messaged the guys from Frame Advantage and asked if they’d do a live stream for this event! So hopefully they aren’t busy and say yes! I wanna see all the NY SF4/Blaz Blue faces at this event.


I’ll bring my PS3/SFIV same as last time, ( b ’ ')b


Awesome man. Thanks for all the help you’ve been giving us!


I will prolly bring ps3 + bb


yay the more the better :slight_smile:


Im coming down to this let me know if you need a ps3 with any game. or ps2 and a crt. me and friends r down btw lol @ alz av


I want to come to this just so I can get my rematch against Christian and his hyperbolic time chamber hakumen. I’ve been doing one finger push-ups on my stick in a game room with no ac to build my endurance up. Oh and of course I want to see kennayyy and his amazing 6b shirt.


I’m not sure but BBGXI may be pushed back to this date thanks to the Park commissions fucking shit up again. Just a heads up Kenny.


If the date for that, Im assuming that what your talking about is the Melty Blood tournament that Kenny mentioned to me, gets moved back let me know. I’ll see if theres anything I can do so that the two events done wind up on the same day.


damn the park commissions always messin with us!!! i hope they dont push it back…

Primal Rage hehe that was some pretty epic shit!!


Ken will be there…