9/2 C3's Labor Day tournament SSBM, 3S, GGXX/, A3, CvS2, MvC2

Hey Shawn, you willing to do a 2v2 RPS MM? Me and Shawn vs the world.

Oh yeah, I’d be willing to set up a Turbo Sit and Go tourney, $5 entry.

Man, Ima have to take Exodus out that month.

Just so you know ;p …


Take that how you will.


Yeah…I was thinkin bout going but…this is closer and unless a good bit of the DC metro people are willing to go or I find someway of getting there on a whim…I’m gonna stay chill up here.

i may be comin to this jizoint to chillin an whatnot…

Myself and friends drove down to ATL for FR9. 10 hours of hell. Never driving down there ever again. I would fly/train down for the ATL thing, but I’m saving my money for Black Friday, gonna buy a fuckton of comp parts and a couple laptops.

Sooooo, I’ll be here. Everyone, start playing MB:AC. So we can have tourney for this shit. I can “lend” anyone the game if they’d like to learn it :V.

Also, Master Chibi, Big O sucks. Change that shit :V. And while your at it, buy a premmy account for me :smiley:

Chang probably gonna be able to make this one…
Hav you gotta bring an extra copy of AE so we can have a Hyper Tourney.


hell yes ill take that…

and the bigazn turbo specials FTW!!!

i just hope i can make it out to this :{

you better come out. I’m counting on your to bring the nova marvel players! Serious! If they come, MD marvel players come! and we can have a tourney!

Kiss my ass Eli :D!

I doubt there will be any takers (besides maybe PVP)but I’ll put it out there anyway… $50/game heads-up poker anyone? if you can afford to lose it?

Shit… I’ll take that.

Kof Xi?

Hey Hav, are you still gonna be living in Hampton during this tourney or will you have already moved to the DC area?

Yeah, you’d think I’d know that by now right?

I’ll be there for this, huzzah.

GG sir :china: I’ll be there like 1 or 2, hopefully someone will have some chips.

I can bring mine if necessary.

Robin, Melty Blood isnt a loli fighter :V. Theres only TWO lolis total the entire cast, and hell, this one even has GUYS in it! A COUPLE OF THEM TOP TIER!!! WHAT THE SHIT!!!


Oh man now i hope i got a clear schedule. You know you goin down!:rofl: