9/21 UCLA MvC2/CvS2/3S/ST Results


Hey that team seems to be working for him. I think it was Vice/Vega/R2 Geese. Parry that shit? fuck that I’m JDing =P


good work on shutting down BAS in 3s. Who ended up sending him to losers and who finally finished him off? I assume he used Akuma…

somone find out if he can attend N-Cubed!


Yeah he did use Akuma and Ken.


I sent him to losers and adolfo finished him off…


maybe you will be able beat cameron’s sean afterall! :stuck_out_tongue:

good job sending BAS to losers. Thats no easy task. He’s still one of Japan’s top 3s players. If you remember watching that 500 man 3on3 tourney tape, BAS was one of the top finalists for that.


He goes back to Japan October 10th. He can not make it.

Derek Daniels


Haha hopefully I’ll beat it…

Still looking for a partner, Frankie is going with Watson, Gee-o can’t go, JR is thinking about it so if he goes he’s my partner. If I have to go alone whats going to happen?


pryo don’t fret. we are also having a singles 3s tournament, so if you can’t find a partner no biggie. just enter that one.

good to hear watts is coming. aldolfo still coming? man drag geo’s ass along! nebraska wants a piece of SoCal’s finest!


Adolfo is going with J.R.


Maybe his stay in America has made his skills atrophy.


Nah, he was probably using American sticks instead of Jap sticks.


tough to be a man.


Gee-o can’t go because his mom won’t let him :lol:


I can’t wait for you guys to play Frankie, you aren’t going to believe the stuff he does. I was glad to beat him at the tournament.





So JR were the sticks the reason you took 3rd? If so I feel ya. I got kicked by the last hit of Chun’s super trying to parry cause ours were so fucking stiff. I cant remember the last time I got hit by that bs. Did Paul Lee enter? So can anyone beat Watson in ST besides Choi or Valle?



Yeah Paul Lee entered.



Before the match I asked you which machine you wanted to play on and you said in these exact words, “It doesn’t matter. They both feel the same.” You didn’t say shit until you lost. That’s fuckin’ weak…



The sticks worked perfectly good.It’s just that we need to get used to 360’s.



Re: 3rd STRIKE

yeah I have to get used the 360’s badly cause they really fucked me over(Im not saying I would have or anything:D )


Re: Re: 3rd STRIKE

Same here i was trying to pull out Hugo’s Earthquake Bomb’s and he would keep on jumping everytime.

Laterz(It just takes time to get used to)