9/21 University Pinball (PHILLY) MvC2


1st: Damian Eklund - mag/cyke/cable, storm/sent/cable
2nd: Josh Wong - mag/storm/psycock, storm/sent/capcom
3rd: Julian Robinson - bh/cable/cyke, cable/bh/capcom
4th: Rick Mears - storm/sent/cable, cable/bh/capcom
5th: Brandon Deshields - mag/storm/sent, ironman/storm/sent
5th: Sporty - cable/sent/capcom

mindless self indulgence is releasing a new record soon… I’m winning tournaments by mashing buttons… everything is perfect…

who won cvs2?

good stuff Damian

see when you drop doom for a real toptier you can beat anybody. advanced damian tactics- put cyke 2nd and cable 3rd so i keep snapping in cable by accident. i’m using that shit. uhh CVS2 was

Julian Robinson
Jeron Grayson
Alex Anderson

did julian use S Groove?

no he didnt

he used it against jeron

Anyone dare to explain why fecalpenance put cyke 2nd?

Oh and good job fecal. I used to post on gamefaqs…like… almost a year ago.

look what you brought here damian

that kid tripped some other kid, turned around, and laughed :lol:

that was killervi3t. fuckin 9 year old atlantic city kids.

is he actually nine? is he actually viet?

yo dog…that hurts

u went…

Dr. Damian’s tactics are too good:evil:

Damian defeats Josh.

Josh USED to be top tier, at any rate.

too many reasons… mainly to trick my mind into believing that I picked an original team… plus it has retarded delays, and having cyke in the middle creates an odd intermission before I randomly alpha counter in cable… its all about watching the clock and setting goals… shoryuken might have my attention but gamefaqs will always have my heart…

How did Damian beat Josh?

tricky damian, very tricky

argh…damian is best in philly…that is why he owns you all…damian sold his soul to roger for all of roger’s secret mvc2 skills…while roger puts damians soul into a bong little by little and smokes it all away…um…Team Granite beats out Team Cherry Hill anytime josh!! muahahahahaha…

p.s. Josh is too fancy…and yes josh is still top tier…those who talked trash on josh has no idea the fancy power josh posesses…he’s got more fancy skillz in the grain of rice stuck between his teeth than all you scrubs put together…there I said it!!

Thanks for posting Damian i will post CVS2 and the Apex points tues today is my day off from this place. the tournament will be on either friday or Sunday i will let you players know Tues.:smiley: