.:: 9.22.07 : FFA CvS2 Bi-Weekly Results ::

one two, one two.

It’s J-Sizzle again (Southtown Synndicate in the house!) posting the results for this week’s CvS2 tourney at FFA. Awesome to see new faces, returning faces, and familiar faces. 16 entrants and here are the results:

1st - Jason Cole - K-Blanka, Cammy, Sagat(R2)
2nd - XYZ - A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka(R2)
3rd - Forti - K-Rolento, Hibiki, Vega(R2)
4th - Psycobetabuckdown - P-Cammy, Chun, Sagat(R2)
5th - Evil Elvis - K-Ken, Cammy, Sagat(R2)
5th - Tommy - C-Yamazaki, Ken, Sagat(R2)
7th - SiN - C-Vega, Yamazaki, Blanka(R2)
7th - Anthony - S-Athena, Cammy, Honda(R2)
9th - Sanjay - C-Ken, Bison, Blanka(R2)
9th - Josh - C-Ken, Terry, Hibiki(R2)
9th - Alex - C-Akuma, Kyo, Geese(R2)
9th - Carlos - N-Joe, Rugal, Hibiki(R2)
13th - Chaz - C-Guile, Blanka, Sagat(R2)
13th - Freddy - K-Vega, Honda, Blanka(R2)
13th - Jiovannie - A-Akuma, Ken, Sagat(R2)
13th - The other Anthony - C-Bison, Honda, Sagat(R2)

If I made any mistakes on the teams, feel free to correct me.

Good games and thanks to Sanjay for recording them. Links will be up as soons as he has the vids available.

Some highlights of the night:

Forti losses to Warren in the first round only to come up in loser’s, take out Warren, and lose to Cole 2-1 to take the 3rd place spot.

Nice oldskool type of match between Cole and SiN in the winner’s. 2-1 and Cole sends SiN to loser’s.

Cole is sent to loser’s by XYZ, takes Forti out, and comes back to win both sets to take the tournament.

Next tourney in two weeks and hope to see more peeps who we’d expect to be at CvS2 tourneys, including the Riverside homies. Jesse, this includes you! Peace.

  • JC

warren 5th?

so was he high or drunk?

gs to all placers.


GGs to those who I played. I’ll get that damn S Groove Athena next time. GS to Jason Cole; it was a pretty dramatic finish. XYZ gets guard crushed, Cole misses the super that would have killed him, but still comes through with the W. And it’s all caught on video!!

Being that this was the first time I recorded matches at FFA, there were some issues. I didn’t have enough tape (I foolishly thought 2 hours would be enough), and the battery ran out so I had to run a wire across the floor (good job hiding it Josh). We came up with a decent setup by using a tabletop tripod on the Fist of the North Star machine (props to Chaz for coming through with the clutch tripod). It isn’t the perfect angle, but you can see most of what’s going on.

It’ll take a while for me to encode and upload all the videos, so I’ll update this post as more videos go up.

i = incomplete match

Grand Finals
Set 1 - XYZ (A-Vega, Sakura, Cammy R2) vs. Jason Cole (K-Sagat, Cammy, Blanka R2) - ([media=youtube]1B1NwPtLo3c]1 [)
Set 2 - XYZ (A-Vega, Sakura, Cammy R2) vs. Jason Cole (K-Sagat, Cammy, Blanka R2) - ([media=youtube]AXQ1UCaZuC4]1](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoENj4RawtA[/media) 2 [)

Loser’s Finals
Forti (K-Rolento, Hibiki, Vega R2) vs. Jason Cole (K-Cammy, Sagat, Blanka R2) - ([media=youtube]JSUHJ1zmy7I]2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wXCccFb5Xxk[/media) [)

Winner’s Finals
XYZ (A-Vega, Sakura, Blanka R2) vs. Jason Cole (K-Sagat, Blanka, Cammy R2) - ([media=youtube]EvX1w2-I2no]1](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wBptdVBDzo[/media) 2 [)

Winner’s Bracket
Warren (A-Sagat, Ken, Sakura R2) vs. Forti (K-Blanka, Hibiki, Vega R2) - ([media=youtube]k66BPiAdoJw]2](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIc9wmtJUY8/media) [)
Alex (C-Akuma, Kyo, Geese R2) vs. Sanjay (C-Vega/Bison, Bison/Ken, Blanka R2) - ([media=youtube]Bf7PgX7FSEw]1
SiN (C-Vega, Yamazaki, Blanka R2) vs. Jason Cole (K-Cammy, Blanka, Sagat R2) - ([media=youtube]mdWu8lHNzCk]1](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SXDnNWHTAI[/media) [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqhTGl-0bjI[/media])
Anthony (S-Athena, Cammy, Honda R2) vs. Chaz (C-Guile, Blanka, Sagat R2) - ([media=youtube]1bOBvWIQnhg[/media] 2)

Loser’s Bracket
Sanjay (C-Bison, Ken, Blanka R2) vs. Anthony (S-Athena, Sakura, Honda R2) - ([media=youtube]sNG34DOASl4[/media])
Forti (K-Rolento, Hibiki, Vega R2) vs. JC (P-Cammy, Chun-Li, Sagat R2) - ([media=youtube]NuK4abV4HxY[/media])
Josh (C-Ken, Terry, Hibiki) vs. Forti (K-Rolento, Hibiki, Vega R2) - ([media=youtube]K2W2NBUBIxM[/media])
Chaz (C-Guile, Blanka, Sagat R2) vs. SiN (C-Vega, Yamazaki, Blanka R2) - ([media=youtube]9jF7UCgPly0[/media])
Anthony (S-Athena, Bison, Honda R2) vs. Tommy (C-Yamazaki, Ken, Sagat R2) - ([media=youtube]Aqa8tGx29Wc[/media])


Nice, thanks for recording Sanjay. Was another good turn out. 16 heads is dope fro cvs2. Just keep telling everyone, CVS2 is biweekly at FFA, the more consistant we are, the more players we will start to get hopefully.

See everyone in 2weeks.


No prob. I still have probably ~15 matches to upload from the earlier rounds, hope to get them up in the next few days.

I probably won’t be able to make the one on the 6th, still have to see. But I should be able to make like 80-90% of these I think. I really need to practice more though, so I can break the top 8.

Good games to everyone, thanks for coming down keeping it alive, See you guy’s in 2 weeks.