9/22/2002 - Pentland 2 - RiCo Strikes Back!

  1. Tony “Trance Man” Romero - Storm/Sentinel/Commando, Magneto/A-Sentinel/Cable
  2. Jose “Joe Zaza” Lafaurie - Wolverine/Sentinel/Bonerine, Magneto/Doom/Sentinel
  3. Chip “luckyazn” Chaisawang - Cable/Sentinel/Commando
  4. Ricardo “Dasrik” Lafaurie Jr. - Blackheart/Storm/Sentinel, Doom/Storm/Cyclops
  5. Ademola “nonsenx88” Thomas - Guile/Doom/Spider-Man
  6. Walter “WaLDo98” Ly - Storm/Sentinel/Commando
  7. Bill “Deus” Wellman - Magneto/A-Sentinel/Iron Man
  8. Oscar “blood_sin” Mariscal - Storm/Sentinel/Cable

Team RiCo weeklies return with the opening of UCR! Vital statistics: We fucked up and winners semi-finals were only 2 out of 3. Tony, undefeated, beats Chip 2-0. In losers, Jose beats Chip 3-2 (having to resort to top tier Magneto/Doom for the winning match), then loses to Tony in the finals, 4-2. Of course, the highlight of the tournament was that Ademola actually won a match. Huzzah!

i didn’t feel like playing after being called so you lucked out jose


Yo Tony…

I got some Bacardi 151 waitin for you in my trunk…

i made 7 ppl throw up yesterday and im pretty damn proud of myself.

What up Nam??? Hey fu just hit me up on when u wanna tear that shit up son.:slight_smile: I prefer weekendz. So u got a few people all “Carlos-faced??”:lol:

Tourny was fun, Das u forgot to put that I was usin’ Sent on projectile on da Mag team…o well. I don’t know what was wrong with me last night, u guyz should have beatin’ my ass.

Yippy Skippy.

Kool tourney in which getting into UCR was the primary issue of the day. All those girls walking around Pentland was pretty cool, as well as having the gaming room back (without the big screen tv tho :frowning: ) Anyways, these weeklies should get better in the future as we become more organized. Oh yeah, I thought it was pretty ironic on how in the first round it was me playing against Chip and Jose playing against Tony :wtf:


New year = new rivalz…Fuck Zaza.:lol:

that musta been one scrubby tourney, if it’s all rico. lmao
way too good