9/23/06 FFA RanBat 3.2 MvC2 Results

19 Players Entered

Here are the top 4 results:

1st - Potter (Sent/Cabl/Com) 10 Points
2nd - ACE (MSS) 7 Points
3rd - Combofiend (Mag/Sent/Ironman) 5 Points
4th - Amir (MSP) 3 Points

Total Points Results

17 Points - Potter
13 Points - Amir
10 Points - ACE
5 Points - Finesse
5 Points - Combofiend

Wow…tonight was interesting…I see theres some sort of heat between Bill & Fanatiq…a random race to 5 wins money match between Justin & Amir…Warren higher than a kite…Potter, Bill & Combo touching me like they’re on E…Illan giving man lessons to Megaman Dan…and I think tonight was the very first time I’ve ever heard Ace’s voice :wink:

Anyway, I want to thank everyone for coming down and participating at the MvC2 Ranbat

Thanx to Tom for taking care of the brackets…Jeremiah & Ryan for the video/audio equiptment…Dan and Illan and others for running the tournament.

Again, any comments, complaints, suggestions?..Please feel free to post up or come up to me and let me know…See ya in 2 weeks !

where rip hamilton/dmiles/plaxico burress at?? no top 4??

shogo you too nice homie.

Wish famous star with cheese made a guest star appearance.
He was too busy big pimpin down in the SD.

Potts was too serious!!!

Can’t wait to see the vids Shogo! :lovin:

GG’s to everyone.

ACE! msp god. norcal requesting off for the next.

haha deus vs fanatiq is funny

like cableguy vs cj/grimace of norcal.

hope 2 c u heads soon

gj potter

that avatar is too good anthoneezy haha

ggs to everyone, thx for showing

much love to shogo and arlieth for helping make these things happen. Didn’t get to play amir this time =(.

rub GAME is too SERIOUS

really weird tourney, no one was really feeling it that night, i did waaay better before the tourney. a few things for the night…

  1. combofiend’s 300 dollar jeans and bill’s 200 dollar jeans
  2. combofiend and bill’s “mystery hand”
  3. playing potter’s mss
  4. playing amir’s msp during the tourney (you freakin maniac)
  5. getting a lucky tech throw into gamma crush on illan
  6. actually getting to use mag/hulk/storm and winning (only 1 match tho)

i wish i didn’t miss fanatic and bill tho…that would have made my night hahahaha… don’t mess up them expensive jeans bill

can someone post up the full results?


haha, who are you? i’m guy wong, not jwong haha

thats garrett

gj to the placers :wasted:

You that DUDE!!!:looney:

it ran very smoothly and ended pretty quickly. good tourney, turnout was mostly big names.

5th - finesseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

my highlight was watching mike ross dominating at yet another game… street fighter AE. also amir coming back on a full msp with just ms. too good amir.

who is jammasterjon lol, i haven’t been on forums for 2 years

im jom

that’s jom

i meant who is jom from ffa? do i know him?