(9/23/2009) 8otB Weekly #24 Results!

The results are in!

1: Sanford - Sagat
2: Aqua - Zangief
3: dieminion - Honda
4: Emblem Lord - Sagat
5: Marn - C.Viper
5: Ryder - Abel
7: Fingafu - Balrog
7: Zohta - Zangief
9: BamBam - Gen
9: Kreymore - Abel
9: KDZ - Rufus / Abel
9: AutoDemon - Akuma
13: Vertoxz - Akuma
13: Raj - Blanka
13: Crai-Z - Rufus
13: Hacker Mike - Blanka

good shit sanford killa kellz

GGS everyone nice turnout for the most part…see ya next week

GGs to everyone, had a good time

Niggas be getting broken at the break

Finga Fu is me. or Ben Fong.
I dunno why I couldn’t use my name for the Tourney. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow who beat marn

The man in ur avatar lol…Hes still the best tho he was nice to us this week

yo so how did you guys end up getting home? cuz the train did pass

Congrats and Hail.

poor marn, can take on the west coast single-handedly but can’t win a little weekly =/

Good shit Sanford! Also to Kevin Landon and Emblem Lord. I need to get off this hiatus and come out more again. See y’all at cf on friday. :wink:

i didnt enter this tournament. i have no money now. bambam was some random gen player.

wtf kind of infinite crisis shit is this?

lol j/k


obviously real shit happens at the break…damn!! good shit kells but sagat = :frowning:

What’s wrong with Sagat sir?

He is a totally legit character.


Sanford sent Marn to losers and I took him out. But he whooped my ass in winners and the first set we had in losers.

But I pulled a clutch victory.

With my totally legit Sagat who is not cheap or bullshit at all.

Just ask Rashaan. Sagat’s not the best. Rufus is.

Real talk.


sagat > rufus ( rufus has to work to get into shoto characters)

lol actually i saw that ninja edit you did there in the 2 minutes between the first half part of ur post and the 2nd half. zing! :stuck_out_tongue:

but yeah sagat does so much damage that half the time the char helps him out even if the player is mediocre at best
still congrats on ur win. :cool:

Im sick of losing EVERY tourney to Rufus… Sagat is the only option for me :frowning:

Art you win the prize for most backhanded compliment ever.

Also, do these results mean that I too am better than the entire state of california? Because that is how I am gonna read them.

gj all Sagat is pretty good ;\ see you guys next week i think