9/23 mvc2 results @ the break! old school players invade?

man, so many trap teams, people who haven’t been around in forever - felt all weird.

thanks for all the new people who showed up and andrew for bringing them, hope you guys can make it out more often.

mvc2 - 20 people

  1. john g
  2. alex monin
  3. Trent E. Nal
  4. ?? someone help me out here
  5. Dale
  6. John Dacles

next week mvc2 (free entry + 50 cents per game) + 3s ($2 entry fee + .25 cent games i’ll throw in some extra cash to the pot)

i’ll post up a thread soon

4th place was Adrew, but his SRK name is tape. I am staring at the screen swearing that Dale did not get 5th.

It was fun. I haven’t been to the Break in over a year or so. Sadly, I didn’t get a Break Steak. Thanks for having us over but our visits will be minimal. Dale is the who drives out of all of us. If we ever crash at Drew’s place in Rutgers we’ll be sure to drop by.

Also, very intense 3S play. That shit put me in my place hard. Thanks again.



omg raz0r u went!?!

Lol, yeah I went. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve been to the Break. I sucked, though. Made too many errors so I got wiped. Funny how people hate Blackheart, lol. It was a spur of the moment thing because I was abducted from school so sorry I didn’t get a chance to give you a heads up.

By the way, fuck you Drew, lol. But thanks for the drinks. Joey kept that shit and killed it. :frowning:

Ramon u coming to the break on the 10th? Sure be great to see u again ma nizzle.


Nah, I probably won’t. I only went this time because I had someone drive me up there. He actually abducted me and forced me to go, but it’s all the same.

Raz0r the man why didn’t you say you were goin?