[9/24] 2GG Fatal Five Series: Dead or Alive 5 & UMVC3 Tournament @ Gameplay (Long Beach, CA)


MONDAY NIGHT MADNESS: Launch Tournaments Edition

Presents Fatal Five Series
2GG and Gameplay have join forces to host multiple launch tournaments in this upcoming year. The second even brings us to Dead or Alive 5, a highly anticipated with an interesting stage interaction system.

We will have free food and drinks for the event along with raffle prizes!


FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/2ggaming
Phone Number: Champ - 562 645 6031 Gameplay - 562-421-6880
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/400695466664899/

5911 East Spring St.
Long Beach, CA 90808


SUNDAY September 24th, 2012
6:00PM - Registration Begins
7:00PM - Tournament Starts


Dead or Alive 5 (PS3)
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 (360)

You must bring your own controller. We have a dual modded house stick and some controller converters. The converter will only work on the official ps3 controller and a WIRED 360 controller. Some other controller works too but msg me to confirm it.


To register, just come to our event and register. There’s no online pre registration
Entry Fee: $5 per game
Venue Fee: $5 total


60/30/10% of the pot will be given to top 3 as cash prizes.



Best of 3 for all matches
Best of 5 for Winners, Losers, and Grands finals
Default setting
Double Elimination

note: UMVC3 matches are best of 5 for the whole tournament.

We have TE sticks and 360/ps3 controllers for anyone to use but we are not responsible if it malfunctions. We highly encourage you to bring your own controller.


1 $10 Gameplay gift card
1 $25 Amazon Gift Card
1 Pacific Media Expo Badge

Enter our $25 Amazon gift card giveaway by liking our facebook. We will do a drawing at the end of each month!

NOS Energy Drink is now supporting us because they like our cause and want to help the gaming community as a whole. At every single one of our event, we will be giving away FREE NOS drinks and swag such as bandana, hats, t shirt, sunglasses, water bottle, etc.! All you gotta do is attend our event and come have fun =) Thank you NOS!


Gameplay at LONG BEACH just got in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox 360 & PS3

(562) 421-6880
5911 E. Spring Street , Long Beach, CA.

Supplies are limited so first come first serve!


just a heads up, but sept 10th is monday bro. might wanna fix that so people can schedule accordingly :slight_smile:


Yes the event is on the monday! The game is coming out on Tuesday so a launch event is the day before that. Gamestop usually have it at like 10pm but that’s too late for the store so we’re doing it at 7pm on Monday September 10th.


Our next Fatal Five series is for Dead or Alive 5 & UMVC!

This will be on Monday September 24th!


I just been told that GAMEPLAY at LONG BEACH just got their shipment for DEAD OR ALIVE 5! They have both 360 & PS3

5911 E. Spring Street , Long Beach, CA.
(562) 421-6880

They close at 10PM today.