9/25 mvc2 break results justin wins w/cammy on point?

  1. justin wong - cammy/cyclops/doom
  2. shawn morgan - MS^2, Storm Sent anything anti cammy-doom
  3. steve - mag/im/cabl, team NIGHTMARE!!
  4. phil j - rowtron, storm sents

justin used the same team the whole tourney, what a beast but not as big of a pimp as the grease truck guy

Good JOb J!

lol…that guy was a real pimp.

aww man u guys went to the grease trucks:(

sigs how could u forget i played sent/omega red/doom and sent-a/cable/bh:D

…i cant believe steve picked team nightmare:confused: but whatever works brah

on a side note, justins sean in 3s is GOD almost 20 wins i think 16 when i got there…

I forgot I used my ironman -cable[Y] :smiley:

O.o Someone else than me used the team? Weird.