9/25 VCU FightClub Richmond VA Local Results SF4

so the VCU fight club decided to have a local tournament to get things hype.

There were 15 entrants.

The format was 2 round robin pools. Each pool qualified 3 players.

The top player from each pool got a bye in the single elimination bracket (think NFL football), while the #2 and #3 of opposite pools faced off.

I won pool B and Charles won pool A. In the Final Bracket, John was a #3 seed and upset Perry and Charles (who beat him in pools), to make it to the final match. Renegade won 3-0 to take the tourney.

Charles beat Corey in the 3rd place match and Perry beat JD in the 5th place match.


1st Robin Palm “Renegade” (ZA)
2nd John Anglada (CH)
3rd Charles Branch “RiotofSoul” (DI)
4th Corey Caudill “VA_King” (BX)
5th Perry Spooner “gauze” (BX)
6th Justin Davis “JohnnyFive” (RU, BX)

I’m really happy about a lot of things.

First, the turnout was solid. 15 on a weeks notice with no real out of towners isn’t bad (Kirk you don’t count).

Second, the level of play has stepped up. Some people are just learning the ropes, but Perry and John in particular are taking huge steps upwards. Keep practicing.

Third, the venue is very conducive to these smaller gatherings. I venture that 5$ bi weeklies are very much in order.

Thanks everyone for coming out!


gs palmer…

till someone learns how to blanka ball.

round robin into nfl playoff bracket???


man, tonight ruled so hard… did i mention it’s time to get paid?:arazz:

Yeah kinda like World cup style.

Round Robin into Double elim seemed a bit excessive.

Blanka wouldn’t have made it past pools, since there were 3 balrogs and 3 Dictators in the tourney. :smiley:

real hype matches, I think I leveled up a bit. Need to practice the Rufus/Gief match more

SF4 sucks. When is the blazblue tournament? Haha.

Saw that shit coming…:rofl:

And speaking to out-of-towners, it’s funny that I’m a local at RVA but I’m a foreigner in Chesterfield. Hehe, those were some long drives…

its was fun im hurt I didnt place but I did learn a few new tricks. BlazBlue Tournament should be in order. As well as HDR. Im for the Biweekly tournament. Lets make it happen. And yes Perry its time to get paid

I believe in him LOL
BOO ROG! Rufus and viper YAY!

Good job. Glad to see everyone powering up!