9/26/09 - DENJIN ARCADE- "TIME to play the GAAAAME!~!"


another weekend, another tournament…pretty good turnout, good seeing everyone too.

SF4 2 character Mikado (31 entrants):
1.) UltraDavid (ZA/DH)
2.) BustaBust (AB/VI)
3.) Ironfist (SA/ZA)
4.) Gootecks (BA/SA)
5.) Brandon S
5.) Joe Dubbs (ZA/SA)
7.) JC
7.) Bryant the Tyrant

3rd STRIKE 3v3 (8 teams):
1.) “GM Hiding” - 5star (CH)/ Pyrolee (UR)/ Joe Dubbs (KE)
2.) “Sunroute” - Pherai (AK)/ Vinny (KE)/ Bean (YU)
3.) “WWTD” - Bagrat (HU)/ Ty (AL)/ Rob (CH)


socal switching to zangief army?


Hey, yogi, mister


“THIS IS WHY WE’RE EVO TOP 8!!!” :rofl:




I <3 Bister Mean.


go sunroute.
should be playing in boxers imo


awesome tourney! i had so much fun!


Dash - good seeing you again, always a pleasure!

gootecks - Thanks for coming out, always a cool dude to chill with.

joe dubbs - its been so fucking long since ive seen you. missed watching your jungle shit.

santa maria crew - glad you guys come down to every tournament. makes it SO much better! see you guys at the next one!

bryant/ume/sherry - surprised you came, i had no idea and im glad you guys did come.
bryant, sick stuff but shit happens :confused: top 8!
ume shoryu, finally we got to play serious against each other! it was fun and couldve gone either way we need to play more!
sherry, lol i probably wouldnt have chose viper if it wasnt for you. now im for sure using viper as a secondary or even maining viper?!?!? lol you had more confidence in my viper than i did hah.

ironfist - ur gief sucks! lol but good games. last game literally couldve gone either way! pixels of life on both ends. always fun.

ultradavid - those matches were so fun! my abel gets destroyed but its really fun playing with you! cant wait til the next time we play again. congrats on taking it! you are BACK and ready to put up a fight like before!

vinny - you suck

who is down to grab some pho next tourney?!!?


FUCK BEAN. my Anteater notepads!!!

Sports Bar and Grill aka Tango 2.0 FTW


Both Joe Dubbs and UltraDavid have been long time Zangief players. Ironfist is just a scrub who who only knows how to uppercut.



Great games guys, looking forward to playing and seeing you all again soon! I’ll definitely be coming around more often in the future. Shoutouts to everybody.

Hawaiian Punch all day.


Viva Ironfist


daigo? mm… mago? mmm… ironfist? OHHHH!!!:wow::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


yea good stuff guys, im Brandon S by the way. lots fun, awesome seeing ultradavid play in person. and losing to gootecks was pretty cool too. pretty stoked second toruney ive ever played in and finished top 8 so yea time to keep practicing.

i used claw/gief btw


2nd place?!
you promised me a goddamn victory!

you shouldve shown the world your Ken skills -_-
i knew i shoulda called off work for this! lol


yeee tourney was dope it was fun watchng busta and dave go at it :slight_smile: and yea busta Riot of the blood aka santa maria crew. enjoys going down for touurney so we’ll always be there. :slight_smile:


plague in 3s:

i’ll throw a low fierce. shit parried… low fierce again? shit parried again… maybe one more time?


fuck… how did i miss this…

Good shit on the win David!


ducky fist


Fun times as always. Congrats to Busta and Ultra indeed. Also, thanks to Sanchez for cracking me up by yelling at so many people calling them apes after demolishing them.