9/26 Denjin Arcade - Free 3rd Strike Tournament

This Friday at 8pm, Denjin Arcade will hold a Free 3rd Strike Tournament

Sign ups start at 7pm

2/3 - Double Elim - 3/5 on Losers, Winners and Grand Finals

Pick any character, winner sticks with the same character and super art.

Winners will receive:
1st - $50
2nd - $30
3rd - $20

Top 8 winners will receive a free soda / water bottle from the fridge :wgrin:

Good Luck !


i’m stealing pherai’s character and going akuma :woot: … this means you would have to pick oro :shake:


First official Denjin Tournament and it’s free entry! EVERYBODY GO!!! see ya all there!

You guys are so spoiled. :rolleyes:

Bah, same character AND super art? Doesn’t matter at all for most characters 'cause they’re just gonna keep genei jin or boomerang raid, and it makes a minor difference for characters like Duds, but it’s a pretty big deal for Q.

Anyway, I’ll be there. Mostly to play SF4, though. And ST, if anyone’s interested.

Psh, then I’m stealing Yi’s and picking Ken. He can play oro :arazz:

i’m pretty sure they don’t care and you can switch anyways

Yeah, I was going to heh.

Just consider me signed up, I might get there late on account of something in politics happening Friday at 6. Will Denjin run a tighter ship on time than Family??

im down for this

i expect lots of people to be there tomorrrrrow

bigs ups to shogo for holdin the 3s scene down. good shit mah dude!

Tomorrow I am going to win the first ever Denjin Arcade 3rd Strike tournament.


haha i meant to say later today.

You don’t get a ride.


Hopefully someone’s gonna take some video :tup:
Awesome idea, Shogo.