9/26 MVC2 Burbank Weekly

1st- SooYoung “SooMighty” Chon
2nd- Nelly
3rd- George “C.Y.F.” Alfonso
4th- Andre Malek
5th- Jessica “DecoysGurl” Cho
5th- John “LunarKnight” Tran

C.Y.F. didn’t get to play in Nelly in losers’ finals because sumthing came up. Nelly forfeited playing the finals against Soo cuz he’s a lil’ bitch and can’t take the heat.

Tourney was wack. Gettin high and gambling afterwards was better.

damn where did that Nelly guy come from. he was amazing to watch. his storm rushdown was unbelievable. ive never seen a storm rush down like that before. shit was bananas. he told me he forfeited to Soo cuz hes saving it for tha SHGL tourney. damn i think Nelly is gonna be a contender at SHGL. everyone look out for Nelly cuz hes comin up. get ready to be rush tha fuck down.

goddayyam that nelly guy is crazzzy, he OCVed me both rounds just with his storm. Hes too good, shgl has a new challenger, better watch out Duc, Davidl, combofiend and team san diego. His storm rushdown is mad crazzzy

Fuck. Something happens at Burbank the week I start school and can’t show up…

Heh, damn… I’ve gotta see this! :eek: Think I’ll be at Burbank next week!

OMFG, nelly was tearing shit up, i played him and i couldn’t do nething, his storm was on top of me the whole time, he got one short in and it was over
he started doing the storm infinte omg he got 37hits before he launched me into the 100%
his sent raped me as well
i couldn’t do shit! it was sad
he did a 4 rocket punch combo in the corner with sent and capcom:eek:
i shit my pants
he seriously is going to be a top contender at the gl tourney
so everyone watch out
we all wanted to see him play soo
but it will have to wait till the gl monthly

Wait, if Nelly was supposed to play CYF in the losers final, who did Nelly lose to?

he forfeited to Soo twice. i think winners semi and grand finals.

What the fuck? Never heard of any girls playin mvc2… especially ones with skill…

she tore everyone a new butthole. let’s just say that