9/26 SOVA Ranbats, Ranbat 3-4


Results, results, results!!!

1: Ariez
2: DBC
3: Ryry
4: Blackula
5: Winback
5: Dsinnie
7: Scooder
7: Titan
9: Gummowned
9: WTFShinryuken
9: Sean Miyagi
9: Styles
13: Split Atoms
13: Rich
13: Serena
13: Mito

Videos will be up soon.


Good shit Ariez, UUUUUGH nasty.

Shame on you SMiyagi you play better than that.

edit: gs guys, pat would have won this one too.


more than one person placing past Ryry??? :amazed:

Good shit Ariez


damn i woulda won this one too, gs guys.


damn, it sounds like you all had hella fun last night! i shouldve gone (i couldnt)… black put those videos up, i wanna see this!



na seriously gg’s to Ryry and DBC…

and im sorry nick :frowning: guile shoulda won


No Marvel = Fail!


This comment = fail :arazz:


Vids are going up.


no…no its not


All vids are now up. Enjoy.