9/27/08 NYC PlayNTrade 3rd strike tourney

the address is
137 E 13th St
New York, NY 10003

This is located just a block away from Union Square on the L,N,Q,R,W,4,5,6 lines. Also you may reach the store from 3rd ave. on the L line.

Entry is $15.00 for buy in
It starts at 2:00pm sharp. Warm up play is available for people who arrive early.

This tourney is for 3rd strike.
Cash prize is 100 bucks

However we will be playing accent core on the side. If enough guilty gear players come by we can probably squeeze another tourney in there. Will be running in progressive scan and multiple consoles

for guilty gear play the price is 5 bucks.that won’t change for this event.

if we do launch a tourney you’d have to buy into that but then there’d be a cash prize!

Also added sengoku basara X

thx for the heads up

are there enough tvs for cvs2 tourney too ? let me know whats really good.

I am soo GOING.

We don’t have enough copies of cvs2. We do have enough tvs we have about 8 upstairs and 4 downstairs that we can use.

**should be good for a warm up b4 another tourney comes by.

I’ll be practicing till then.



I will be there!
No second or third place prizes???

cash prize f was already determined before i got in to this position. i’m just promoting it later on events are going just going to go by player turn out and getting a percentage of the pot for 1-3

the prize money is SET on $100? no addition from the $15 buy in?


I made a thread here as well lolz

On second thought…

Since a friend has an extra ticket for the New York Anime Festival I wont be going to the tourney. Good luck to those that do go. Peace