9/27 Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, A3, CvS2, and 3S results

Jetay has the GGXX results, me and him were the ones who ran the tourney with the help from veteru (cool guy) running brackets later on oh and thanks to Zigmover21 (another cool guy) for paying for the last hour for the TV, i ran out of money :frowning: .thanks to everyone else i met down there, i had a good time so count on me being there the 18th for sure :slight_smile:

oh and zach could you please keep me informed as to when lanwerx will have there GGXX cab up, thanks and great job with the tourney(i want my reeses cup :lol: )

I wonder what place I got in GGXX lol too bad I had to leave :o , anywho I had fun playin the peeps there good game all.

hey was the first payer side in marvel not working that great cuz i had a hell of a time sj and dhc mostly just against stilts and sean

damn that match of myself vs sean was hell of crazy i didn’t know what the hell was going on alls i know is that i couldn’t jump and capcom would come out to to save my ass

hopefully see you guys on the 18th

ps you guys need to hella hold that shit ealier that’d be bomb

countin the days to my next lanwerx tourney.

someone stick a gun up my ass and fucking pull the trigger already.

We miss you Arab… I mean Naser.


Err, wtf?!? Apex says I got 1st in GGXX at the last tourny. I got 2nd, Vetaire got 1st.

Oh yeah, for taking 2nd place, I won…nothing. Wee.:frowning:

OMG!!! I WANT THAT TRON STATUETTE!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

:lol: It’s pretty cool, but the cooler part is that it came with three separate little Kobun statues. There’s a pic of it with the Kobuns here - http://www.animecastle.com/ACEP-638717.html - and I’ve updated my site with a pic of the statue with the two Kobuns I have here (the other one is at work right now with my other Kobuns) - http://www.msnusers.com/TheRobinsonMooreEstate/lanwerxclowns.msnw?Page=4 (also added pics of my “Tourney Shirts” - Kobun/Servbot) shirts.

Yeah, Tron and the Kobuns are mad fun. I’ve half-heartedly learned some Japanese to track this stuff down - http://www.capcomshop.jp/shop/goods/goods.asp?category=0202&shop= , and hunt down on the web from time to time to find stuff like this - http://www.toysnjoys.com/rockmanmisc.html , which I use as my work “coffee” mug. :smiley: The US Capcom site - http://www.capcom.com/megaman_all.xpml sometimes has some stuff, but… whatever. slap myself for nerding about Tron

KYO- I don’t know. Someone will post about it in the NW forums if there’s any update on the GGXX cabinet. :\

Ziggy- We’ll maybe think about 2nd place prizes (which right now are out of the kindness of my heart) when GGXX moves to a cabinet so we don’t have to pay TV fees. :\

Mega Man key chain!!

I love Mega Man stuff. :slight_smile: