9/28 - 10/6: Mad Catz Sale - 20-30% FightSticks + $100 F/S Round 2 TE - CHUN-LI sale!

What MarkMan said.

So you saw my Post identifying those.
I thought no one saw.

man these things are always on sale.

Not to interested in the sticks (hori vlx maybe…) but i sure would love one of the blue team mad catz shirts, or the red one ive seen Ono pimping.

But awesomeness is possible if you swap from the top, Madcatz won’t know. Its if you mess with the trap screw on the bottom that they’ll get ya. :cool:

damnit markman…

why you have to show up with these WHEN YOU KNOW(ok you didnt) I DONT HAVE MONEY?!?!?

want that chun stick soo soooooo bad…

The Chun stick looks really slick with the yellow bezel and blue and yellow buttons/balltop. Well done. Hard to resist the temptation to scoop one up. :love:

Trust me, I’ve taught my team well enough to be able to tell if a stick has been opened/tampered with from the inside.

Even then we’re very helpful (tech support).


i am still trying to recover from my last purchase MarkMan! LOL. so tempting to get another Chun Li stick too…grrrrrrrrrr

dammit, i just bought a chun stick last week

I keep a keen eye open when it comes to fashion. :wink:

thanks markman, jdm.

I might be asking for a pair of one of those for my birthday…

I’ll also almost positively be getting the Chun stick this time around… ( <3’s for my gf )

the website says these can be found at best buy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them at a store… can’t even find them online through their website.

It was only recent that Best Buy has.

And here, the one Faye is wear.


Is the 20% off thrown in after shipping/handling has been added?

Only if us Canadians could get our hands on these deals =(

Pretty sure it’s before.


Maybe I should buy another Chun stick haha

wont let me enter the ROUND2 code, fail I really need to buy a new stick my custom is crapping out on me I need a legit one to use while I take it apart and fix it.

did you try to copy and paste it instead of typing it? or are you not in the US?

Ummmm…Sale starts tomorrow guys!! Pacific time, before anyone tries to say it’s already the 28th on the East Cost…lol

Hey Markman, buy my custom so I can get a TE. I don’t play enough to justify this thing and could really use the cash.

Canadian group buy thread inc.

Sale starts in 2 hours! Sorry guys.