(9/29/09) 8otb Weekly #25 Results!

Usually I dont post my own results, but KDZ is half black and lazy and opted to forget to post them this week so without further adieu.

  1. Evil Rahsaan- Honda, Gief, Viper (EMP)
  2. Dieminion -Honda, Guile (EMP)
  3. KDZ-Rufus (EMP)
  4. Andy “Citiofbrass”- Honda, Sakura
  5. Ryder- Abel

I probably wont be there so Gl next week, mah nyggahs.


Heh, good shit Rahsaan! Congrats.

Good shit Rahsaan!! I want to play your ultimate cast sometime soon, or atleast before art comes back.:rofl: I’d say you earned this video… [media=youtube]VfxY59V6bgU&feature=player_embedded"[/media]

lmao funny vid and ironic for alot of reasons, hey josh we have a shortage of sagat players at the arc, would love to get a set in with you. Come through man.


GIef viper!

You too nice Rahsaan

I knew that losing streak couldn’t last forever! Congrats Rahsaan.

Gen just isn’t a secondary character, seems like you either have to put all your time into him or GTFO.

Hit me up when you guys are there next time… I’m down for some comp. Sick of playing online crack and I got some new shit for you guys. :smokin:

bout time my nigga… lets get it…

Good shit rahsaan whole cast FTW lol.

good shit my nigga

wow east coast honda army?

u mad nice