9/29 Houston Weekly Results

Here are this weeks touney results.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (11 people)

1st) Venie Guien "Vinnyman"
2nd) David Hem "asianhitler"
3rd) Gonzo
4th) Chris Villarreal "Crow"
5th) Matt "Repulsorgiest"
5th) Joe Reyna "snareboy"
7th) Martin Phan "Marneto"
7th) Rudy Mena "Evil_Blanka"
9th) Ashley Hernandez "sonic boom"
9th) Daniel Villarreal "Kakarotte"
9th) Ivan Rivas

Capcom vs Snk 2 (15 poeple)

1st) Ashley Hernandez "sonic boom"
2nd) Chris Villarreal "Crow"
3rd) David Hem "asianhitler"
4th) Matt "Repulsorgiest"
5th) Martin Phan "Marneto"
5th) Rudy Mena "Evil_Bkanka"
7th) Daniel Villarreal "Kakarotte"
7th) Lay Chang "Sugar Land"
9th) John Sanchez
9th) Tuan Phan "Vigorous"
9th) Gonzo
9th) Henry Vo "StillenGTR"
13th) Ivan Rivas
13th) Wesley
13th) Joe reyna "snareboy:

3s (13 people)

1st) David Hem "asianhitler"
2nd) Chris Villarreal "Crow"
3rd) John Sanhcez
4th) Ashley Hernandez "sonic boom"
5th) Matt "Repulsorgiest"
5th) Daniel Villarreal "Kakarotte"
7th) Martin Phan "Marneto"
7th) Tuan Phan "Vigorous"
9th) Venie Guien "Vinnyman"
9th) Ivan Rivas
9th) Don
9th) Vinh Tong
9th) Joe Reyna "snareboy"
13th) Lay Chang “Sugar Land”

SF2 Anniversary Edition (14 people)

1st) David Hem "asianhitler"
2nd) Chris Villarreal "Crow"
3rd) Ashley Hernandez "sonic boom"
4th) Lay Chang "Sugar Land"
5th) John Sanchez
5th) Gonzo
7th) Venie Guien "Vinnyman"
7th) Daniel Villarreal "Kakarotte"
9th) Martin Phan "Marneto"
9th) Rudy Mena "Evil_Bkanka"
9th) Matt "Repulsorgiest"
9th) Tuan Phan "Vigorous"
13th) Joe Reyna "snareboy"
13th) Ivan Rivas

We had a #reload tourney but the ppl who where running it did a not so good job and the whole tourney was trashed. next week i’ll b running all 5 tourneys and please if u want to go home early or play a few casual games after the tourneys come EARLY!!! sign-ups 6:30-7:30 trust me if we start by 8 almost all tourneys should b done by 10 with 16 people in every tourney. Start showing up and start showing up early. Thnx to all who supported these past 2 weeklies keep on coming back. Top winners David and Venie you 2 get ur choice of what dvds ya’ll want. Maybe next week we can give away that jap stick or something even better?!

Last name is spelled GUIEN …not guine…fix please… :karate:

Heyy Vinny, stop fucking houston up in Mvc2…Lolz
Good Job again!! :tup: :clap:

:badboy: :devil: :party:

Why do we waste space with WEEKLY results? :tup:

Why not? Weekly and biweekly tourney results are regularly posted from other regions in this forum. Isn’t Houston important enough to have its weekly results posted up? I think so!

Eh…important? I dunno. Maybe, maybe not.

Most of the time that I browse this part of SRK, I’m looking for large tourney results. But that’s just me, I guess. :sweat:

LOL but when u see those results u can’t see ur name nowhere in the top section but in these results u might even catch urself claiming the #1 spot.

You guys should have a Reginals!! I would most def come… :tup: