9/3 vtyme results thread [tekken/doa/3s/...]

here’s 3S results…i’ll assume jinmasta will post the other results later.

35 players total

  1. justin wong [yun/ken/dudley]
  2. ricky ortiz [urien/ken]
  3. alex roski ‘cajunstrike’ [makoto]
  4. mrquotes [makoto]
  5. kofiend [yang]
  6. exodus [yun/ken]
  7. josh wigfall [chun li]
  8. ultradavid [q]
  9. skisonic [necro/chun li]
  10. alex pei ‘y pei’ [yun]
  11. pat van pelt ‘umthfkr’ [alex]
  12. jose h. [chun li]
  13. iceman [chun]
  14. trent [ibuki]
  15. fireballtrap [yun]
  16. chase [chun li]

a big congratulations to alex roski for placing 3rd with an amazing makoto showing. lost to josh wigfall early in winners, and swept losers until finals, playing ricky ortiz.

i want to thank everyone for coming out and letting me run the tournament. everything went pretty smoothly, and i had a blast playing around.

oh, and thanks to the scrubs who made my day free. entrance fee, gas, food, all paid for. poker ftw.


1 Justin
2 Josh Wigfall
3 Isaac Graham
4 Matrix
5 X and AsianDaisy

Fuckin Khang you couldnt take my money in real poker you had to resort to a coin flip game rofl lifescrub

luck is a skill only acquirable by not working at giant. :wow:


how did matrix place above x

… --;;

did bronson enter marvel?

Wish I could have gone and won 3S… :confused:

aw man, i ain’t know NY was coming heavy like that, i woulda came by.

I was talking to Eric today and he said you participated at this event.

What happened? :confused:

Yea, big props to Kang+Kofiend for running the 3S tourney(the other 2d ones as well?), even though I damn near died from the heat+ man musk. It’s funny how I still fuck up basic execution at tourneys(I’m STILL that nervous?!?!?), but once it’s actually over and I’m actually relaxed I can quick recover and parry again- -

damn i didnt even see anything about this tourney i wouldve gone for sure.

I had a great time today, thanks for putting this on guys! Sure, I drove over 400 miles today, and sure, I spent 8 hours of the past 24 hours on the road, and sure, I’ve been awake for 20 straight hours, but it was still a blast. I hadn’t played 3S in some time, it took a while for the rust to wear off, but once it did I had a really good time. It was cool to see how the competition is out here on the east coast and cool to actually be able to put some faces/names to these SRK handles. If anyone ever wants to play some Third Strike, hit me up and I’ll do what I can. In the meantime, I’m in DC and always itchin for more Street Fighter.

Troy, it was cool meeting you and hanging out. Thanks a lot for letting me use your stick, that was really cool.

PS On the way home, on the metro, I met THE HOTTEST Puerto Rican girl in history and successful acquired her number. It was a good-ass day.

PPS Anyone get any footage of any of this? And if so, how’s it gonna be released?

good shit. great tournaments. how the hell did i get 9th? i thought i wouldve gotten like 17th or some shit. i guess basic yun still does the job. :tup:

had a blast, and it was really nice to meet all of those cool people.

hmm…sleep noww.

btw n-ken’s trash talking is TOP TIER

thanks for hosting guys
only had one dreamcast for mvc2 that made me sad :frowning:

ggs to everyone I had fun too

You don’t wanna know, if you had saw me play and seen who I lost to you probably would have shot me after you got done laughing. I don’t even know what happened? WAY to much Halo2 and haven’t played since we played last in Florida :sad:

only EXTREME shit talking works on khang, i thought i was making him miserable but he s too buff
hulk hogan pose

lolz i got danced on

The Matrix got glitched and two of him appeared, and I mean you just cant stop someone with four hands.

Bronson entered marvel and lost to Justin then AsianDaisy IIRC, like 7th or 9th.

Almost forgot Wiggy beat Justin in Winner’s Finals, then Justin did that piff.

Khang: 0_0 Oh no you didnt!?

yes. yes you did. you are no longer mr. makoto. that’s reserved for cajunstrike. :party:

you can shit talk all you want, it won’t affect me ;[ it just all depends on my mood. :tup:

Yeah yall I had fun great games to parry all and kofiend. Who promptly handed me my ass LOL. I had a blast tho.

this was kinda lame.

mvc2 got 1 tv, or none at some point. didnt get much practice before tourney (which i needed cuz i havent played in like 5 months). i needed all the practice i can get, we need more mvc2 tv’s next time. all these tekken 5 and SSBM (wtf?) people got all of it :tdown:.