9/4/10 Droms and Thxyoutoo Presents: BoB Qualifiers Davis/Sac


What: The September Four will be the qualifying event to determine the four individuals that are to fill up the two teams from these regions for the upcomming IPW: BoB event.

Who: Davis

When: September 4, 2010 @ 2pm

Where: Drom’s Comics and Cards

Rules: If there is a small turn out it will be Round Robin.

$13 Entry - $10 Goes to the the Battle of the Bay event and $3 goes to the Droms event. This fee pays for all 4 of the tournament entries.
PS3 only

Team 1:

  1. 200yen (Team Captain)


Get hype!


Get hype I would love to be repping my hometown 916, but damn im stuck in 408 already =/ having no car sucks


I think if there’s going to be a second team, there should be a seperate set of quals ran by different folks, otherwise this is just 1 10 man team


200yen posting

we will have 2 5man team :smiley:


Are these qualifiers allowing different cities to mix together into two teams? I’m just confused on if Sac and Davis are officially split or if they’re both counted toward the same area.


I think having 2 teams within 4 cities, having the same players being able to qualify for either defeats the purpose of the 5v5. Its supposed to be a regional event where you pull the best from each region to compete. I might feel differently if sacramento, davis, stockton, and reno all sessioned together on a regular basis, but we don’t. I really really think we should either make it 1 team or draw a line between the regions


Fuller is right.

It would be like having an “A” and “B” team. With one team being obviously better then the other.

Once you have the top 10 from the tourney decided, then what? Do you draw a line through the top placing competitors and the lower of the top 10 ? Would you split them up into more balanced teams by placing top players into each one?

Either way I dont see how potential wouldn’t be minimized to some degree. Either by dumbing down one team by splitting up the top 5, or by having an obvious second tiered team with the bottom placements of qualifiers.

If there has to be two teams…I think a Sacramento/ Reno/ Yuba area team would be a much more accurate representation of it’s area while Davis/ Modesto/ whatever else is close would be another.

Personally, I think there should only one team. Even if Sac and the more northern cities had a separate team. No one from the area has really wowed anyone or placed very high at a major. If I’m skipping someone please correct me.


Team regions are out of my hands. I am just in charge of organizing the qualifiers. If it was up to me there would be one Davis/Sac team and Reno/stockton could do their own thing. If enough of you people voice your opinions we can probably get these things changed. Post in the 5on5 thread. Get more than just you guys getting your voice out. Stockton, Sac, Davis, and Reno all have their own threads with a total of like 40 people in it that should be saying they don’t like what’s going down. So go to your threads and tell them to get heard.


Hmmm…You said yourself in the 5v5 thread that there are 2 Davis/Sac teams. 2 of them. Both consisting of Sac/ Davis.

it’s sac/davis/stock/reno so 2 teams okieeeee
whoever can’t qualify at other region can come to our qualifiers :smiley:
our region has an identity crisis…we are so confused :x

Okay, so if you notice in the first quote you said events. Are you alluding to two separate tournaments to decide the sac/davis teams? I know in my last post, when criticizing the selection method, it was based entirely off the assumption that Droms would decide both teams. That question should be made clear by the organizer.

We have voiced our opinion. As one of the organizers though, we want you in on the loop. Fuller said so himself that he can get the ball rolling for a second qualifying event for the Sac area, since there are two teams. (regardless if they are combined or separated by region.) The point is that there would be a second qualifier.

When Fuller volunteered to help with getting the second sac/davis tourney started, 200yen kind of branched off towards something else, so it never got answered. So, with you being in charge of the events, maybe contact fuller or vice versa and start hammering something out?

So the questions are:

  1. Sac has it’s own line on the region list. Is it going to be considered separate from Davis or not?

    You said you talked to them, and it will be considered as 2 combined davis/sac teams rather then 1 team of just sac/ surrounding areas and one team of just davis/surrounding areas. Which is it? :c

  2. Judging by the front page of the 5v5 thread, Sac will have it’s own tournament. Are you helping organizing it? I would contact Fuller since he’s the only one who volunteered to help. If you aren’t, somebody needs to be appointed.

Sorry for the wall of text, but it seemed like those two questions (very important ones btw) were skipped over and focus was put on Fuller’s and my own personal opinion, which are being based on information that is unclear. So we are just asking for clarification. No disrespect toward you or anything unconstructive. I promise. : D


^ Thxyoutoo is only helping run A Qualifier…he doesn’t have any power over the whole event…but ill talk to ryan and haunts about whats going on…Keep u posted




Is the issue that the region is split or how the qualifier is being run? We can work all this out by the qualifier date, it’s still a ways off so let us know what you guys want.


Yo im From Sac, but ill be in SF for school during the tournament, should i go to the Sac/Davis tourney or the SF one?


The issue is people do not want two seperate Davis/Sac teams.

Make Davis/Sac/Stockton one team and have Reno do their own thing. Reno is hours away from us and we literally have no connection to those people.

Davis nor Sac alone don’t have enough good players to justify hosting a qualifier. We all go to the same tournaments and various people session in both areas. Stockton is debatable within our justifiable region as some of them go to our tournaments and some of us go to theirs.

However, Reno really is an area all it’s own. I mean it’s not even in California.


You are more than welcome to join our qualifier. I’m sure you could argue a case for representing either region.


That really wasn’t my whole point, only half of it. After talking to some of the Sac guys, We’d like to have our own team/qualifier.
Justification- Sac and Davis players have always identified ourselves as different groups. We’re right by eachother, but there’s always been the people saying “I’m Davis” and others saying “I’m Sac”. I think having a mixed team kinda defeats the purpose of having a regional 5v5 event. This would be no different than mixing east bay and peninsula.

And on another note, I do not agree that we cannot have a solid team. I personally have a ton of confidence in our players out here in Sac.

Long story short, since there’s already 2 teams, I think 1 team should be Davis and the Other Sac. And individuals living in surrounding cities (stockton, yuba, reno, etc.) Should be able to attend either the Sac or Davis quals.

Haunts, do you see any problems with that?


My thoughts are run the qualifier at Drom’s for both regions on Sept. 4th, but don’t mix the teams. Run two separate round robin tournaments – one for Davis and one for Sac.


Thank you for getting back so quickly. The only argument I have against running both on that day is that some players, myself included, cannot make the quals that day. I would like to run a qualifier for sac earlier (within the next week or so), but I want to give people as much notice as possible, but be flexible the date so that we can get as many of the players out as possible.

If there’s any hesitance about me running the quals, I do have a lot of experience running tournaments, and I ran the quals for the valley specialists team.

Again, thanks for being Johnny on the spot


This is retarded. This is a regional battle not a city battle. Davis and Sac are 10 minutes away from each other. Other regions (North Bay) have people an hour away from each other in one region. The only thing this is doing is splitting the talent pool in half. I don’t even need to host a qualifying tournament if Davis is it’s own team.

I’m just going to automatically apoint 200 yen, thxyoutoo, P. Viper, Pieguy, and Masarap the 5 man team. THERE ARE NO OTHER GOOD PLAYERS IN DAVIS. Oh and I’m renaming Team Davis for this 5 on 5 to Pakside.