9/4 Camelot weekly results



  1. sin
  2. clockw0rk
  3. junior b.


  1. selfscience
  2. power
  3. wesley


  1. clockw0rk/potter
  2. junior b.
  3. sin

correct me if anything is wrong.


good shit self wish i coulda got there earlier =( btw what days do people go there besides theres i went on monday and no one was fucking there


im skurred of jay’s msp =[
gg’s JeWw0rk


jays msp got owned by team scrub, potter change my shit to devon ingram with the alias of AMX




Whoever APEX’d the GGXX can you please move the points for Archie T. to Archie Tan(ALTAnertive) please. Thanks.




whoever did the apex results for ggxx, can you put my name “Def1n1tely” on 1st place and put “Selfscience” last please.

Thanks :slight_smile:


ALRIGHT CLOCKY!!! keep up the satisfaction HOLLA :ken:ken:







Potter, can you add my real name in the results.

Name: chris v.
handle: magnus


Btw, GG’s to everyone i played last night. Tourny was dope.


Yay cl0ck.




too sleepy this thursday, i’ll make it next week

good shyt to clock, pizzle , jb and sin


Congrats to Cl0Cky, potts, homeboy Jr-B and SiN for MvC2,
Congrats to SelScientist & power for ggxx,
And to SiN, Clo0cky and Jr-B for CvS2.


'ey b13, are you still in cali or did you go back to hawaii?


Dam good shit to everyone on thursday>

Devon got 5th in MVC2 damn thats dope.

Im a M/S/CA your ass when ill see you.

Good shit to kenny in entering GGXX hahaha.



when i do good in a tourney, Kenny Guerra (kennywood), but for this tournament, leave it as is :stuck_out_tongue:

haha mike ross is a beast, i lost to him because he was whispering some sick shit about how him and self science give each other reacharounds, and toss their salads :frowning: or else i would’ve won


too bad i couldn’t make it this week. Have finals to study for on wednesday. But I’ll be sure to make it this coming thursday for my b-day.:slight_smile: