[9/4] The Best Of The Beast Coast SF4/BB Tournament #2 result

SF4 Singles

1: Skyet (?100) E.Honda
2: Dr.Chaos (?25) Ken, Akuma, Balrog
3: KL Justice (?15) Fei-long
4: Kattermari Rufus
5: EvilDrakefang Cammy
5: Uglyslob C.Viper
7: Larry
7: Sir Kanchi
9: Rondomheat
9: Lee
9: Dave2j
9: Franc
13: Kaizoku Mike
13: Larry
13: Ghost Cobra


BB $1 round robin

1: EvilDrakefang (?6) Ragna 5 - 0 (10 - 1)
2: Ghost Cobra Taokaka 4 - 1 (8 - 3)
3: Dr.Chaos Ragna 3 - 2 (6 - 4)
4: Lee Jin 2 - 2 (4-5)
5: Dave2j Carl 1 - 4 (4-8)
6: Sir Kanchi Taokaka 0 - 5 (0 - 10)

Justin.tv banned my account so we are missing footage for this week

Following is the email I got from justin.tv lol

We are contacting you as the person responsible for the Justin.tv channel at http://www.justin.tv/evildrakefang. Justin.tvs filtering system has identified on your channel content that the owner of that content has not authorized for upload to or streaming on Justin.tv. Your channel has been disabled and your user account has been terminated. If you believe that this identification of content is in error, please so inform us. Sincerely, Tia M. McGuire, Community Manager, Justin.tv Inc.


Wow, that sucks that you got banned… for some odd reason. Did you contact them about it?

Anyways, good games to all I played! =D

That would be Balrog instead of Ryu :wonder:

some of them are on youtube and linked to the bracket

This tourney was awesome and you all are so damn cool! Can’t wait for future tourneys. Thanks One for hosting and nobody spill any soda next time lol.

Somebody spilled soda? Hmm…Ok me and Franck looking forward to seeing y’all again this week. BTW i lost my phone but i can still check my msg’s …PPFFFTTTT! _ Next time I’m taking facebook accounts