9/6 CVS2 results from philly


1st Julian
2nd Bryheem
3rd Josh
4th Kaliek
5th Roger
5th Ron
7th Eric
7th Random A groove scrub

  • Bryheem put Julian into the losers bracket and a small party broke out then Julian got serious and Wrecked Bryheem in the final


MVC2 / CVS2 / T4 / GGXX / 3S / ST

I’ll post a thread in a couple of days when I get the date set.


damn, little E called captain nobody a random a groove scrub. BET IT


Yeah, that party that was thrown by bryheem after he put julain in losers, was only in style as bryheem could do it:lol:

But my fav line that he said that night, was when he was playing against julain for money while sporty/bison were betting like $20 a game on them 2. Bryheem beat julain for like $20 and said, "YES!!! No more eating at Save- A- Lot for me!!

I sware he had like 15 people laughing so hard with that one!:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Then lifted up his shirt to show his stomach, displaying how hungry he was:lol:

But nothing beats when he asked julian’s 7 year old little sis for $4 to enter marvel that one night when he had the tournament, she looked up and said "$4 dollas though!? $4 though bryheem!?:lol:




Just in case someone didn’t see the other thread
As of right now there won’t be 3S at the tournament someone broke the game the day it got back in the arcade.
6 month to get it back and 1 day to break it.
Does anyone want to guess the odds of us getting another 3rd Strike this time.


howd it break?


little e got knocked out by random a groove scrub’s deciple…
Wow eric, that was the first time i played cvs2 in the longest time…how’d you even lose to me? In the immortal words of finest K.O, “you just suck!!”


So I got the Big MVC2 tournament turned into a big tournament with a bunch of games, which would work out better for EVERYONE, and then I walk in on Friday and Bill is talking about cancelling that and just doing MVC2 again because he talked to someone the night before. And I’m thinking who could have possibly talked him back into that idea. and now I know



Eric stop falling for Billy’s LIES the only person he talk to was his self i told you he hated on all my tournaments and drop MM3 and all my weekly tournaments cause he said it makes his regular customers not want to come in the arcade cause of the tournament players:rolleyes: but if he see this he migth let you have it just to hate on me:lol:



Bill told me on Friday but I haven’t been online all weekend when I logged in today I had a message from brandon telling me he had talked to Bill



But its still Bill’s choice and trust me brandon words mean nothing to Bill it was his choice opening your eye’s E:eek: you work there your words should count more.

Like i said it was all Bill.


fix 3s. i wanna rape some bums.


sure what are u gonna do throw then heal to win?:lol:


so much drama. shame about the tournament though.


Josh you can’t beat me.:lol:


politics at its lowest…gay pirate taking orders from the mobster who wants to cator to retards that play ticket machines ALL fucking day :lame:

I should hire Jermaine to sue U.P for something stupid like…dirty bathrooms or something. Prosecutor Jermaine would mash his law books to win the case over smooth talking defedant D.M.X (defense man Xtreme!!)

Screw tourneys…sick and tired of Julien vs Bryheem wait cancelling matches…


i’m the best in 3s. none of you can beat me. especially eric.


then lets bet it then pussy


I want this tournament to have other games as well, not just mvc2 but it is his arcade, not mine. I only pm’ed you that message because he told me to get in contact with you as well. He wants to do a mvc2 tournament because he felt like it.


Ya Josh BET that shit.:lol: :lol: