9.6 Family Fun "JaminisX Farewell" MvC2 Results

  1. SooMighty - Sent/Storm/Cyc, Storm/Sent/Cable, IM/Sent/Cyc

  2. Potter - Sent/Storm/Cyc, Storm/Sent/Cable

  3. COMBOFIEND - Mag/Sent/IM

  4. JaminisX - Sent/BH/Jin, Tron

I only remember the top 3 for the singles tournament. Soo beat Potter in winner’s finals. I forgot the score. Potter beat COMBOFIEND 3-2 in the loser’s finals. Soo and Potter decide to tie for first. And as for the team results, we made teams of 2 instead of 3, due to a lack of people. There were 7 teams. And all I remember is, COMBO/Sin got first, and Soo/JaminisX got 2nd :slight_smile:

Jamaal, have fun in AZ nugg. Show em what we be all about. And becareful. Don’t let people take advantage of your generousity. Show them your shine brova. Damn, I need a tissue :frowning:


take care Jamaal.


who put fiend into losers? how many people entered?


Soo just keeps on beasting…

hey KaiSing, nice AV, VERY NICE women!!:eek:


peace out jaminis

damn bh airdash over + assist pwned me :frowning: :smiley:


Thats that tall skinny botha who beasted on me at the psm tourney:bluu: Good luck in AZ and keep being kew to the people u beast on!:cool:


Good Job to the winners- soo and potter and for team tourney, GJ to the winners and hih placers.


Jamaal, peace out nukka. Get as many hoes as you can down there, and bring some back wid you.



Nice shit everyone. Jamaal, you prolly don’t remember me, but you picked me up with Soo to take me and Potts to the Camelot tourney. You were hella dope man. And like Soo said, don’t let people take advantage of your generosity. Peace man.


Jamaal you’re the best bh in the united states… and your a good homie
keep beasting…
i beat combofiend in winners and losers


And Blackheart.

… that god damn Blackheart :frowning: