9/6 Seattle Lanwerx MvC2, CvS2, 3S, and A3 results


** Marvel results, 23 peeps**

** 1-Rodolfo Castro “RowTron”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel-a**
** 2-Jason Kuan “Kuan”-Storm/Sentinel/Cable, Magneto/Storm/Psylocke**
** 3-Valentinus Boentaran “Codyliciouz”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel (drones)**
** 4-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”-Magneto/Cable/Sentinel-a**
** 5-Kyle Chow “kchow-xlr8”-Magneto/Cable/Psylocke**
** 5-Eric Foley “StiltMan”-Sentinel/Cable/Cyclops, Cable/BH/Commando, Sentinel/Cable/BH**
** 7-Andrew Blanchette “Mix Masta Drew Dub”-Magneto/Storm/Sentinel-a**
** 7-Trace Prewitt “ICD-3”-Sentinel/Cable/Commando**

** CvS2 results, 12 peeps, I don’t know the teams btw because I didn’t watch this tourney =/**

** 1-John Michael “lifetimeboy”**
** 2-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”**
** 3-Khoe Nguyen**
** 4-Gene Siew “kusanagi”**
** 5-Valentinus Boentaran “Codyliciouz”**
** 5-Cory Wyckoff “Dan_is_my_hero”**
** 7-Chris Calas “Red Bull”**
** 7-Boomz**

** 3S results, 10 peeps**

** 1-John Michael “lifetimeboy”-Ken III**
** 2-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”-Makoto I and II**
** 3-Mandel Scott “Soy Sauce”-Chun Li II, Alex II**
** 4-Curtis Edlin “Murakumo”-Chun Li II, Remy II**
** 5-Kyle Chow “kchow_xlr8”-Ryu II**
** 5-Nagata “m”-Ken III**
** 7-Rob Plummer “Zig21”-Akuma I**
** 7-Mark Santos “Guahcsta”-Ken III**

** A3 results, 9 peeps, dunno the characters used in this tourney either**

** 1-Masanori Takee “Koroshiya”**
** 2-John Michael “lifetimeboy”**
** 3-Khoe Nguyen**
** 4-Curtis Edlin “Murakumo”**
** 5-James Siew “Peachy”**
** 5-Gene Siew “kusanagi”**

** Random Comments-Thanks to everyone that showed up especially Nagata. It made the tourney a whole lot more interesting than it would’ve been had it just been all Seattle again. Everyone that used MSP on Row got jacked for some reason. John Michael is a SF monster, hella crazy, same with King. Hm, I’m at a loss for words right now. I really don’t know what to say, oh yea Drew Dub is a savage as well. Yup!**


id like to say that row is both a pinoy and a savage


I just got home and it’s 4:20.

Most Random MAGNUS!!!


I think I may have the most random Magnus but what do i know?

Tournament highlights!!! (for the 34 seconds I was there)

I caused a scene. I’m crazy

Ok Cody went to a tourney. That’s crazy. And why did he get 5th in CvS 2? Come on now

Drew Dub is too savage

I got beasted in 3rd Strike. What a fucking surprise

That’s a tight top 4 for Marvel if you look at it

5 pretty bomb white girls came into Lanwerx, looked around, realized it was full of guys desperate on a level they could barely comprehend, left, went to DQ and got some food, then retired to their gray Mustang to sit their and do some lines while engaging it lesbonic activities. Did I make up that last part? How dare you question my integrity.

Anything else? I played 2 games of CvS 2. 1 because i wanted to play my student one last time before he went to NC and 2 cause it was on free play and Red Bull has a tight K groove. Yuri is too crazy. Sorry

Starscream is the best transformer! **



Top 4, that was a tight top 5 you mean…


row ain’t no joke…


There is only one good way to beat ROW!!!

The only way to beat rowtron is to dress up like a woman and play msp, it seems that just MSP alone cannot beat the great rowtron, so I have come to the conclusion that it is the combonation of a gay ass team and a gay ass person to take Rowtron down. The laws of nature must cancle the utter gayness and make it a good team against Row.


There is only one good way to beat ROW!!!

that might work, but iam not doing it…:lol:


dude sean u fergot to mention that jason mar showed up to the tourney. hes a fucken savage


sholt, sholt, fielce… fielce, fielce, fielce, fielce, fielce, supel… cc end…


Since when did Trace Fuckin’ Prewitt play Team Scrub?! Man I’m out of the loop.





i vote for a stiltmanian novel


stiltman novel this shit!


** I agree.**


The StiltManian Tournament Novel
Lanwerx 9/6, Second Edition
(The first edition got eaten up by a missed mouse click)

It’s been a while since I’ve gone to a tournament, and I swore at one time that I’d never go back to Lanwerx. But I was starting to feel like I really missed tournaments, including tournaments in Seattle, and this was the first one I’ve had a real chance to go to for a while. I didn’t have as much issue with the cabinet as I remembered having before… although that left stick is a little suspect.

I didn’t talk much to Nagata, other than to make a vague observation that the Marvel vs. Daytona USA 2 cabinet actually has speakers in the seats. I hadn’t noticed it before. And he couldn’t make out a word I was saying. Oh well. His Team Scrub beat mine in the casual games, although I had to make a lot of really stupid screw-ups to let him.

Number One Way You Don’t Want To Be Famous Department: Every single time somebody hit a jump fierce with Cable on somebody, people were sarcastically calling out “unblockable!” Damn, has Kennewick ever got their feet in their mouths.

Biggest upset: Trace over Mandel. Who’da thunk?

My first round was against Zach. I decided I’d try out the Storm/Sent/Clops on him and was reminded vaguely of why I don’t play this team in serious matches much against anyone who’s much good. I won the match 2-0, but it was a pretty ugly 2-0 where Sentinel had to do most of the work. Storm got a DHC on his Mags in the second game, but this was kinda yucky. Zach’s getting better. My Storm/Sent/Clops is ugly enough that if I’m going to put a team without Cable on it into a tournament I ought to just go with Team Watts or an offshoot thereof, I think. My BH is still so much better than my Storm that it’s almost sad.

So I’m looking at the brackets and seeing King in the second round and probably Jesse in the third. Not too harsh of fights although no big cakewalks. Then Cody comes at me with, “You’re playing Row next!” I’m like, “WTF?” and go to check the brackets again, and I find that they’ve been changed all around after Trinh left and yes, indeed, I’m playing Row in the second round. Icky poo. Oh well, time to make another try at the big upset.

I made a respectable effort at it but this time I didn’t take a game off of him. Went with Scrub-clops in the first game, Sentinel got snapped, Cyclops put up a valiant effort but died in the end. Second game I switched Cable’s assist to the viper beam (hey, it almost worked before), and the better ground control did my Sentinel some more good. Cable shot his Sentinel on an assist call (Row quote of the match: “Nice mashing!”) and I’m left with another chance to blow a good lead. I didn’t disappoint. He drops clean out of an AHVB when he gets hit with the Cable/Cyclops option with Storm. That sucked. On to the losers’ bracket.

First match there was against somebody named Son. He played MSP. He went crunch real good.

Next match was against Jesse/Hustleman. I had arrived at the decision shortly after the last time we played that I’m going to make him beat Sent-A/Cable/BH before I show him much else. About the best way to beat that team if I’m playing it patiently (and remembering to rush with Sent/BH on an AAA-less Cable) is to rush it down. And the day we see Jesse rushing that team down is probably about the same time to start heading for the bomb shelters for the end of the world. He gives me Cable/Storm-Y/Commando the first game, the recipe for Ye Olde Team Stilt says start Cable and wait him out. He puts up Cable/Storm/Sentinel there… AAA-less Cable says it’s time to start Sentinel and see if he can get me out from over his head when I’ve got BH keeping him on the ground. He can’t. Sentinel chews up his Cable and a good chunk of Storm and my Cable pitches the ninth for the save.

So I’m looking at the brackets and seeing Trace v. Mandel for my next opponent, figuring it’s going to be Mandel, even asking Kuan what he thinks of my team array against him. Then Trace puts up the shocker with the Team Scrub out of nowhere. I see a relatively new Team Scrub and a BH/Cable/Cyclops… I decide to get mean and bet that he can’t handle my Cable/BH/Commando. I’m right. I get Team Scrub both games, Sentinel starting the first and Cable the second, and my Cable never has to leave point in either game. Sometimes I feel guilty that I don’t make a habit of showing mercy, Trace deserved to go out less ugly than this.

Next match is in the losers’ quarterfinals against Cody. Here’s where I’m beginning to suspect that left stick. First game, I follow my standard Sent-on-Mags opening and duck block while calling Cyclops. The lugnut refuses to block low for the first attack glitch. Poke/poke/snap, Cyclops drops in for the non-assist and says, “Come on!” Cody comes on. Cyclops says, “I can’t block, hit me some more you short fat dude!” Cody hits him some more. I’m playing the rest of the first game without a Cyclops and get beasted something awful. Second game, I figure, all right, block and don’t call Cyclops this time, maybe the first attack glitch doesn’t let you block if you call an assist or something. The lugnut refuses to block low again. Poke/poke/snap. Cyclops drops in on point and says, “Hey, wait a sec, didn’t we just do this a minute ago?” Cody says, “Yeah, but you can pretend to block this time!” Cyclops says, “Oh okay… I can do that! Not.” I think this was the karma from the Trace match coming back to “reward” me. (Drew-Dub quote: “Cody Magnus… Jesus…”)

Other matches… Kuan vs. Row. Kuan needs a different plan for this than MSP. Game 6 of the grand finals was where I was really wondering about his team choice, bad. He’s down 3-2, coming out of the losers’ bracket, with a team to pick. MSP has gone 0-5 between that match and the winners’ final. Storm/Sent/Cable won two games in a row before losing one on a bit of a fluke. So what does Kuan do? He goes back to MSP and gets chewed up again.

Here’s my take on this: Kuan does not have Ricky Ortiz’s hit-and-turtle mentality. I wasn’t at Evo, I haven’t seen the matches with him and Row, but my understanding is that Ricky was perfectly happy hitting once with MSP and then running until the moon exploded with Storm. This is very reminiscent of what he’s been doing the entire lifetime of the game; it’s always been some variant of his final game plan, when he used to play whatever in the first rounds and fall back on Cable/Storm/AAA when he’s got one game left to lose. And it’s about the only game plan where MSP beats MSS. Mag has to give Storm a lead, and then Storm has to treat the ground like it’s poisonous to the touch. Any other situation inevitably succumbs to the cold calculus that Storm with Sentinel needs only one hit to kill Storm with Psylocke, and needs to be hit two or three times to be killed in turn, and that if Storm with Sentinel dies the game is not necessarily over. Sooner or later, that’s just too many things that you need to get right if you’re going to try to play a head-on fight with MSP against MSS. The weapons just run too deep on the latter team for MSP to win with any game plan other than “get a lead and run like hell”.

Other side notes. I actually managed not to miss the city of Olympia driving up this time. The team tourney was fun. Blocking a first strike glitch on the right side was just fine. Kennewick needs to start backing some shit up, badly, because right now they’ve been turned into a regional joke. Rest stops on I-5 that give out free cookies at 1 AM are bomb.


man… sup to all the seattle players. nice to c the intrest is still there. kuan lets smoke lol. the funnest time at evo was just smoking and playing with u guys at the room. just saying whats up though… later


stilt ur probably actually right…
i shoulda stuck with storm/sent/cable
oh well

sup mikee!


rowtron 4 president!


this foo needs to be slapped

easy 4 president!