9/8/06 FFA Ranbat 3.1 CvS2 Results

A small turn out (only 8 players signed up)

New stix were installed & everything was recorded

Huge Thanx to our CvS2 Ranbat MCs:
Evil Elvis
Afro Cole

It was a lot of fun!:rofl:

1st - Amir (A-Groove Vega/Sagat/Sakura) 10 Points
2nd - Combofiend (K-Groove Akuma/Sagat/Cammy) 7 Points
3rd - Jason Cole (K-Groove Blanka/Sagat/Cammy) 5 Points
4th - Sanchez (P-Groove Blanka/Sagat/Cammy) 3 Points

Top 4 will be online first…then best bout will be on after that…best bout is gonna be weird…S-Groove madness :looney:

Hope to see more CvS2 players in 2 weeks! :wgrin:

Shogo forgot what the title of this tourney was really called.

“Our pants don’t have zippers, balls out for life.”

god damn combofiend
best kgroove in the US

forget the agroove team

damn, I think at the next one ill play to win. It’s to much fun playing hairy balls out.

Some hot action went down, and I dont mean in the game.