9/8 UP Arcana Heart tournament results

1st. Xaqshinor (mei fang)
2nd Ken (saki, Maori)
3rd Demon Hyo (Saki)
4th Dave (kamui, mei fang)
5th Eric (Konoha)
5th Hyperhal (Yoriko)
7th Nas (Fiona)
7th Justin (saki)
9th Deathscythe (Lilica)
9th Randall (Mei Fang)
9th Nick (kamui)
9th Ab (?)

  • Thanks to everyone for coming out especially the new yorkers.
  • I’ll check on the japanese Sticks tomorrow
  • I never got to play Ken’s Maori I would have played harder against Brandon if I had know you would end up in losers

good shit brandon

WTF XAQ, when was the last time you even played AHF?

You’re going to scare the shit out of everyone once the console version comes out.

Now get all those fools playing Melty Blood. :V

Also lolololololol at Hyperhal’s performance.

XAQ is a fucking beast.

Ken is too.

NYC is strong.

Stay fucking hype.

Thanks Bill.:wgrin:

Yo, GGs to everyone. Ny, thanks for coming out because it wouldn’t have been a tournament without you guys. You all are mad chill, and PHAE YOU OWN LOL! RANDOM BLACK PROJECT GUY FTL!:looney:

Dave, Eric, and Nas we has some sick matches! Enjoyed every last bit of it and thanks for the exp.

Ken, it was an honor playing you dude. I played hard as I could to make it up to you, and glad I could make you bring out Saki. I still prob won’t take this seriously cause of HALO3, but I’ll learn the fundamentals of the game better once it comes out on console. Oh, and XAQ, nice mei fang man! Sick damage!

We might check out that arcana tourney in oct in NYC, so be on the lookout.


Nice job Xaq and Ken. You guys are <3

DS - Way to rep Lilica! <3<3<3 you the most

All I can is wow cause I am amazed at all those crazy combos Ken and XAQ were doin on those sticks. So what would they do if the sticks were better? That was a great tourny even though we only had 12 ppl it was still awesome. The only reason I think I beat Hal was because he didn’t practice at all for the past week.

nice job guys philly rep brandon u did ur job all things considering good stuff man

Good shit XAQ! You are definitely beast!

Sounded like a fun tourney. Good shit on getting 3rd Brandon. And good shit to the rest of Philly + Nas. Did yall get any vids?

I actually thought Ken would beat XAQ in this tourney, lol. XAQ = TEAM FUCKING SPOOKY AKA THE FUCKING FUTURE AKA XAQATTAQ. :lovin:

xaq we gotta play a majillion matches at nec to make up for the lack of real matches in NY lol

good shit

:rofl: @ Xaq getting first.

Too hungry.

damn man I did horrible that tourney…
i went 1-3 and 0-3, this is so depressing. I was too stubborn to switch out Maori… :frowning: Complicated character + Shitty American equipment = Failure
Yo Brandon had me sweatin, his Saki was so random it fucking scared me sometimes D: good shit Brandon.
Good shit Xaq and fuck you and your simple straight forward character! I want a rematch! >:(
Hyperhal’s performance almost made me cry, it was the sadest thing I ever saw. He choked at the critical point of the match and lost. Way to go Hal… :frowning:
GGs to Nas and everyone else that entered the tourney, I would have liked to get some more casuals with you guys but we had to leave… and good shit with the free play, that was top tier.

Just wondering, was anything taped to put online? Good job to those who placed.

Yeah footage for some of the matches were taken. Just wait for the upload.

ggs to everyone

@blackshinobi: good shit running the tourney
@dippy: lol
@MS: <3
@<37: <3
@demon hyo: good shit yo, too bad we didnt get to play each other once all day :frowning:
@dave: :3
@anakron: thanks :slight_smile:
@Art: lolol the XAQATTAQ is too serious :x
@woof: YES! NEC is gonna be too good ( this tourney help my savings for nec alot :slight_smile: )
@chibi: man, i was starving :frowning:
@ken: stop hating lol :V
@U.P.: jap stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiix

also yea DS has winners finals, losers finals, and grand finals on his camera.
he might have another match or 2 idk

but yea ggs to everyone i had alot of fun today

I fucked up hard, Rob. I’m pretty much pissed. I was SUPPOSED TO FUCKING WIN AGAINST HYO!!! Like, WIN WIN!!! LOOPED THE FUCKER!!!

I also have the bloody knuckle on my hand to prove it.

I have vids and so does Hal. I’m still pissed about getting randomed out. I’m talking SERIOUS random shit. Like, this is stuff I DON’T lose to. I’m gonna fucking kill all of Philly at NEC.

I’m glad everyone had a good time, well except for Deathscythe’s fist.

I was a little out of it today, I was all hype yesterday and then around 3:00 am I got a call on a very corcerning personal matter that threw the tournament into a far second on my list of things to worry about. Hopefully it will be handled by NEC. I’ll be ALOT better by then.

  • That video you took Dawain makes me look like the scrubbiest scrub that ever walked into an arcade. I don’t think I landed one combo the whole match.

  • Thanks for the info Ken somehow I never realized she keeps going forward if you keep the button held down.

I heard DS punched a brick wall. O.O Why did he do that?

Good shit guys.

Ohshit, Justin plays this game? :wow: