9/9/04 MVC2 + 3S Results @ The Break!

Ran both tournaments, both had about 10 people. Thanks for the people who showed up. Next week will be 3S and maybe MVC2 also (two weeks bad turnouts for MVC2 kinda disappointing tho). Here’s the results:


  1. Phil Johnson aka Goodbye aka Bay 6 aka Blacksyde Phil aka congrats finally - Rowtron, MSS (?)
  2. Dave Turner - random teams with top tier and 1 low tier or tron :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. Robert Sigley - Mag/Sent/Cyclops
  4. Andrew aka Jiyuna - Storm/Cable/Cammy
  5. Otis aka ImPerfectCell - Cyclops expansion assist
  6. Tenno - MSP
    Was round robin with 10 people (2 out of 3 rounds), Phil beat everyone. Dave just lost to Phil, I lost to Dave and Phil, etc.

3S (11 people):

  1. Ryo Cho - Ken SA3/Akuma/Yun Gen Jen
  2. Robert Sigley - Necro SA3
  3. Dave Turner - Dudley
  4. EJ - Ken
  5. Blacksyde Phil - Makoto
  6. Tenno - Chun Li/Ken

Winners finals:
Robert over Ryo Cho 2-0
Necro over Akuma then Necro over Yun (including a 10 second perfect - Go necro! :party: )
Grand finals:
Ryo Cho over Robert 6-0 all Ken vs Necro =(

I wish half of the EC didn’t steal my Sean or I coulda used him in the finals, but all my gimicks are stale now because everyone stole them

Hope to see everyone next week, here’s the deal. For every NEW (as in not a break regular) person you bring to the break I will give you $2 cash if they enter the tournament. So bring all your friends. To make it enticing I will honor that for up to 4 times, after 4 weeks they’ll be considered a regular and you can’t use them for the rewards. So bring out your friends! and if anyone at Rutgers needs a ride, let me know

Don’t forget that 1 round prefect for Ken during the grand final. :razzy:

This is just great, I go the break and won like $10, and on the way back my car got mess up badly and will prob cost like $1k to fix. :sad:

jeez what happened to your car?

whoa that blows, sorry about your car man

…but i thought rob sigley always owns ryo :wow:

damn man b/l ryo hope its not as bad as u say…

wtf i didnt know there was mvc2 yesterday i would have showed

i do, for proof see winners finals

but then he studied video tape of my necro between winner finals/grand finals and broke it down

mad props for dedication

and since everyone stole my sean i couldn’t goto him so i was painted into a corner

Maybe it’s time you re-invent another low tier character. Maybe Twelve?

Now accepting donation for my car fixin’ fund.

i’m not going to mess up anymore AHVB’s…watch out…

Damn, I thought you said we were having 3s next week! I’m such a dumbass. Anyway, I got a new person starting so it looks like a cool 2 bucks for me. :tup:

Anyway hope to see everyone next week.

It was next week, but all these 3S people showed up regardless, I dunno what happened to the thread where I said 9/16 not 9/9 but yea haha

dunno if it’ll be $2 entry fee + 25 cents

or just 50 cents

or maybe $1 + 25 cents event mode

i have to talk to the owner and see

ha so i was right

but then who would i steal sean tricks from? :sad:

i won’t be running this thurs tournament i dunno who will because i quit

i’ll be around on thurs. if rob’s not around, i’ll run the tournament(s).

stay away from q, he’s mine.

Good going GB! Good shit.