9/9/06 FFA Ranbat 3.1 MvC2 Results

Wow…whutta night!

Here are the results for the first FFA MvC2 Ranbat

1st - Amir (MSP) 10 Points
2nd - Potter (Sent/Storm/Cyc) 7 Points
3rd - Finesse (Storm/Sent/Com) 5 Points
4th - Ace (MSP/MSS) 3 Points

Lots of heated stuff going on…Im watching the tapes right now and everything came out nice and clear…some players complained about commentators being bias or playing favors, but from my personal point of view, its just the commentator being himself and saying what he sees in the screen…honestly I thought the commentators did a great job cuz they all captured the emotions of the event

Big thanx to our commentators, Bill & Finesse and everyone else that got on the mic…thanx to my staff (tom & jeremiah) and the players that ran the brackets (R2J & Illan)

Big huge thanx to all the players that came out to the first MvC2 Ranbat…If anyone has any ideas or comments or even complaints about anything that happened at the event, post up or come up to me and let me know

See ya in 2 weeks!

Wow gj amir!


Wow indeed.

He should be a doll and play XSF with me.

Amir?? Wow! Great job. I guess you do play that game. lol

always cool when amir wins

Good job guys! What was the turnout for this?

Thanks shogo for making the tournament possible. The video direct feed with the commentary. Tom thanks for helping us out. The tournament wouldn’t be a success without you and shogo. I would also like to thank everyone for coming out and making this event worth while. Good job amir! I had faith in you. I’d like to also thank the dips for making an appearance. Thanks to team james games for always traveling the distance to keep the mvc2 community alive. See yall in 2 weeks.

ggs to everyone

congratz on 1st amir. Maybe I’ll get you next time =]


amir 1st in 3 ranbats?

rockafeller must have been crazy

A - awesome
M - meaningful
I - intelligent
R - respectable

GGs to the only 2 games i played all night which were to jamanis and k-mac.

everything ran perfect, just the tourney started around 10pm instead of 6-7pm or whenever it was suppose to, and i heard it ended around 2:30-3:00am. lets do it from 8-12 next time cause everyone was there by 8.

Thanks alot to shogo for helping the mvc2 scene out, and good job amir, hes taking 2 xbox 360s home this ranbat season.

dude they have to let me commentate for marvel!!

Hot shit, nice getting first and second.

The tourney was fun. Thank you Rich, Illan, Shogo, Tom, and Jeremiah for helping out with his tourney. Oh and K-Mac and Bill for commentary.


holy shit, i mean i could tell he knew top tiers from the vid he made, but i didn’t know that he could play with guys like pott, finesse, and taiji.

did anyone record, and if so will anyone put it up?

amir get me an xbox mine broke :rock:

haha, amir’s been beasting since shgl! og magnus

thanks to shogo/rich/illan and everyone else involved running it

gg’s to everyone!!!

SHGL’s best kept secret, aka ZeroBlue

aka a million other things before he knocked it off and went with “Amir” lol

Rigged Brackets

Next time either Shogo needs to do the brackets or they need to be pulled out of a hat. I’m tired of illan rigging tourneys he enters. He can say he doesn’t but so there is no discrepancy we can be sure by making brackets random or done by shogo (who shouldn’t have a bias). All top players were on top half of bracket. Illan had to be on bottom. Claims the brackets were uneven yet unwilling to switch.