This will be the second cyberdome tournament thanks to the great outcome of the first one. We will be looking forward seeing familiar faces and newcomers. 8/1 is the date of the tourney.

Cyberdomes website: Cyberdome.net

They cyberdome is home to 25 xbox 360s and 27 inch HD T.Vs

Street Fighter 4 1v1

Starts at 2 P.M

Entry fee is 10/10 10 pot 10 venure so 20 dollars all together.
Pot division will be 70/20/10


If philly one can bring his laptop again, i will run the brackets.

Please Pre Reg here and let me know if you can attend.

Also, tell me if you can bring a game and HDD. if the same people bring them, we will have 8 consoles going which is enough.

  1. Stun4h
  2. Seasofcheese
  3. Phatal PHD
  4. atm0
  5. TeeFiveTee
  6. Team Asia
  7. Bob Saget
  8. MadOne 1980
  9. DiaperBomb


Going to assume that this is a SF4 tourney. What is the start time for this one, and I assume it is on 7/25?


Count me in. I’ll bring my copy of the game and my HDD again.


Im down again man…keep spreading the word


show some love.


i changed the date to the first of august


nice the 25 was my bday so i doubt i cn make that but ill def try n get out to this one and try n get liston n a few to come out too ill let u know


good shittt. lol i noticed the 25th was my grad party and i was like uhhhh i better change the date. haha so yeah august 1st now.


nice, i got like 3 tourneys in august. i hope i can actually make it to all of them.
i should definitly be able to make this one.

I might have to skip hyenas on the 15th, not sure yet.


nooooo :frowning: we gotta go to hyenas!


well i don’t want to, so ima try and make all 3 of them. Have to please the wifey though you know. im still planning on going, so don’t start sweating yet, lol


okay okay haha


I was pre-registered for the first one but had to miss it because some fuck broke my wrist two days prior (long story but to sum up I fell hard on it resulting in a break). Definitely disappointed I couldn’t make it to the first one especially with how much hype it got despite starting so small. My cast should be entirely off by the time this rolls 'round. Definitely add me for this one too - Andrew (atm0), NY. Looking forward to it!

Also, any chance of adding BB in addition to SFIV for this tourney?


whats up atm0. i actually thought you were this kid i know Atmos when i saw you on the signup sheet. hope you can make it out to this next one.

yeah stunnah, the last tourney went by so quick you should think of something else to do. Like BlazBlue, or a 2v2 tourney. But than again the owner looked ready to split by the time the 1v1 got done, so who knows what he’d be game for. I was really hoping for a longer experience though. I thought i was gonna be there til like 8, we was done by like 530, lol

or just make it best of 5 matches, for regs, and best of 7 for finals


ill add you. as for a second game, i dont think so yet. but the 2v2 is a possibility. i will def be extending the gameplay as far as best of matches and rounds. the owner should not have a problem. but we just need to get this shit hype again lol.


ill start spreading the word…
i can revise that flyer i made too, with new dates, and any other new info you might want on it.



Hey stun4h,

I should be able to make it, the last one was a blast. If I can make it, I will (like last time) bring a copy of the game, and memory card with all chars, colors, personal actions and alternate costumes. Using my stuff for grand finals was cool, everyone went with the alternates, felt like I was watching nico video or something.

I’ll see if I can bring the rest of the ny guys I brought last time, chris hu (fascinating), andre, manny (madness), and maybe some other people too.

Thanks for throwing these, def worth the drive.

pre-reg Bob Sagat please, and if I can’t make it, I will let you know in advance, but chances are I’ll be there unless something important comes up between now and the tourney.


alright sounds good man


Hey Guys,

Just checking in to see if this event is a definite or not? :rock:

We want to make sure we pick a day and time that is convenient for everyone, and does not conflict with another event so we can have an even bigger turnout this time around…

Please let me know so I can make definite plans for it at Cyber Dome.


Owner of Cyber Dome


sign up my boy Stephen - MadOne 1980 - Emmaus, PA

hey Mark, i hope this is official!