9 days left until launch

Damn, i remember when it was like 4 months until it comes out in the us, now its only 9 days… time goes fast!


6 days now… i don’t want to play with a gamecube controller, does anybody have a xbox 360 stick converter? i’d like to not shell out a 80$ for another stick

Already pre-ordered my copy and should be on me the morning of the 26th. I just wanna read some input on the online feature before I spend on the Wii USB online adapter.

I’m just about set for the release…

Pre-ordered Game from Play N Trade
Incoming Brand new custom w/ GC support (via Rj45 port/prepared GC Cable)
Wii HD Cables
Wii USB online adapter

Haven’t so much as touched the original game, only have been reading and seeing videos.

This is going to be like X-mas =]!!!

I suggest getting a wired connection to the Wii (via USB LAN connector).

Yep thats what I got!

Question: was it confirmed that matches will be “searchable”? As opposed to the crappy brawl-esque way of doing things via individually trading Wii Codes?

In one interview with Seth, he said that players will be able to search through different modes, similar to SFIV. I think this was discussed on the first On the Spot clip at gamespot.com.

Yeah basically you can search for matches with people at your level, or for people of any level (just whoever’s on), and then if you like them, you can add them to a list to play them in the future.

4 more days <_> you guys are so lucky. I have to wait until february!

Hey guys,
This is my first post and I’m hoping to b ecome a regular poster once TvC finally comes out because I’m sure I’m going to have questions and comments. Just to let everyone know, I went into my local Gamestop today just to make sure everything was a go with the launch and the collectibel cards for pre-orderers(which I am). I was initially told that they didn’t know anything about the cards but that I would be able to come to the midnight release of Mass Effect 2 and pick up my copy of TvC because they come out the same day. While having this conversation, the guy opening their shipment that they just had just got in walked up and said “you mean these cards?,” and showed me the pack. After asking to be given one for “old times sake,” which was promptly scoffed at I was also show the box with roughly twenty copies of TvC!!! So the game is there…alas…I can’t have one until Jan 26th. And I thought my anticipation was at maximum capacity…ha…well now I’m literally salivating!!! What a cruel self inflicted tease!!!

Welcome to the forums, Sakurab! Wow that is awesome lol, they should gave you a few cards though! hehe, very cruel indeed

And thats awesome about the searchable games, thanks gaiz! ~

Didn’t think this was worth mentioning in a new topic so I’ll just post it here.

Anyone who is super impatient about getting a copy MIGHT be able to snatch a copy at your local Best Buy. I was browsing BB earlier today and noticed a few copies of TvC on the shelves.

I already checked my local best buys.

No good. >:

Same :sad:

Some mom n pop stores around NY have it

blah…my new custom (multi-console) was set to arrive to me, but builder told me its going to be a few days more due to another clear coat being needed X_X, /cry no TvC for me (unless I wiimote it up LAWL…not) until maybe the weekend T_T;;