9 More Street Fighter CAWs in WWE SVR 2011 (Preview)


All of these will eventually be up for download on Xbox Live (complete with 4 attires, moves & entrances) after I get the next trailer out. It’ll probably be put up on the Machinima Sports channel. I signed a contract with them due to the last CAW Trailer video I made. Big thanks again to the SF community!

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Photobucket Link: Street Fighter CAWs pictures by jim784m - Photobucket

Abel: [media=youtube]L9yRtbaeT1M[/media]

Adon: [media=youtube]SNj3dnK5L54[/media]

Chun-Li: [media=youtube]w3Xl1609qEA[/media]

El Fuerte: [media=youtube]csJE9j2nepI[/media]

Guy: [media=youtube]kjws7o_0CMA[/media]

Hakan: [media=youtube]n2dh4W-M1ME[/media]

Hugo: [media=youtube]6i8bJIbCOGg[/media]

Rolento: [media=youtube]5SZfMfkhZF0[/media]

Sakura: [media=youtube]eJa79rNTI-M[/media]

Also, here’s a full preview of Dan: [media=youtube]wFmJDjGOBaE[/media]

Last time I posted pics of the others, he wasn’t complete.

Other Notes:

  • Female face & body morphing is much more limited than male morphing.

  • Sakura’s Yellow Bow Design apparently won’t (not) get smooth looking. It remains jagged. :frowning:

  • Hugo’s pants need to have the bottom line-design added.

  • Adon’s mouth got a little glitchy in the lip area. Also, his colors look off b/c of my camera.

  • Rolento doesn’t have many usable source pictures for his face.

  • Chun-Li’s leg height seems high in her first attire, but it looks normal in her Alpha Attire.