9-year-old girl dies after being forced to run for 3 hours

… for lying about having eaten a candy bar.


I am so mad right now >:(

What the fuck could running for 3 hours teach a child about lying? Goddamn I continue to lose faith in humanity.

This is bs, but how did she die of dehydration when she was in a fucking hospital for 2 days?

I’m flying my spaceship off this dump and going to live in space, if anyone wants to join me then Ill be happy to help take you off this rock.

Maybe she was running in the hospital.

Apparently. I’m not a doctor, just an amateur surgeon… but seriously if the cause of death is dehydration, and she died at the hospital, which she was in for 2-3 days shouldn’t we be charging the doctor’s and nurses who treated her with murder?

Like straight up, this isn’t ancient greece were talking about, she’s in an american hospital. My uncle ran a marathon a few years back and didn’t drink anything for the last few miles and ended up really dehydrated and fainting when he was done, they rehydrated his ass in the ambulance before we even got to the hospital.


It’s not always the case though. I know that if you are severely hydrated there’s a chance that no amount of water will save you. We don’t know how dehydrated she was.

They in Alabama…them niggas aint got no clean water.

well, as long as she didn’t die fat. thats what counts.

Ahh well I was unaware of that, even then 3 days of trying to do things that from my understanding are easy to do; rehydrate her, correct her sodium levels.

And if she was so severely dehydrated that she was beyond saving how did she make it 3 days? unless that 3 day span was so her organs could shit out… idk man, medical shit is way too complicated for me. I like common sense, nothing in the medical field is common sense.

Damn, that’s cold.

Why she gotta lie in the first place

This is nothing to snicker at, guys.

This is what happens to american kids if their parents try asian teaching methods.

Uggggh… :rofl:

For tradition, we need to come up with a suitably ironic punishment for the people responsible.

I vote dipping them slowly into boiling chocolate until the skin on their feet burns off, then making them run a marathon while simultaneously holding salt in their mouths, while young athletic midgets dressed as their dead child ride alongside in tiny go karts and repeatedly ask them why they’re so salty.

(This has the additional advantage of spreading use of the term “salty”, which will hasten its glorious demise.)

I didn’t read the article…
But are her parents the type that would want their daughter in toddlers in tiaras or something? Like… super concerned over a 9-y/o’s weight? wtf… a candy bar… seriously? Until you’re done with puberty, your weight shouldn’t matter to you unless you’re obese. Your hormones are so fucked up until you’re about 20 that your weight will fluctuate quite often. I remember that time… I went from being a 100-lb skinny kid to a 220lb fat kid and back 3 or 4 times over before I graduated college…

basically what I’m saying is…


I don’t know why people give this type of punishments and she is a little girl, normally a grown person cannot bare that punishment.

i don’t really have a problem with the punishment; it’s not like the parents were standing behind her whipping her or anything. the situation seems pretty unforseeable.

Did they redefine “unforeseeable” recently without me hearing about it?