90% CC combo?



i was talking with a friend about this game, he think A groove is the best cus of CC, Sakura, Bison, Blanks, all with massive combos and gaurd crushes, i said that a CC only does about the same as a K groove or N groove level 3, he said that Sakuras alone does up to 90%, i said i didnt beleive, anyone know if its true? and how do u do it? cus rushing F. DP all the way dont get that high.


it’s true.

www.namonaki.com Gunter’s site, has CCs for every character. check it out there.

and sakura, she get’s at the LEAST, 2 full meters a round and that’s at the least. usually u get 21/2- 3


it says 9912 damage, i did that and its not near 90% of the health bar, its abourd 75%, which i say is still amazing, but 90% is just i gotta see it with my own eyes, got a vid?


There’s a way you can j.rh -> stand rh XX rh Hurricane Kick, link a standing jab (i think), activate, DP custom, near the end do rh Hurricane Kick, link standing jab -> stand short XX fierce DP and it dizzies some chars; then you whiff a couple lk hurricanes for meter, then do some combo into fireball super or something like j.rh -> stand rh -> rh Hurricane Kick link stand jab -> stand short XX uppercut super or some unbelievable shit like that. I imagine that would be about 90%.


Mummy B is almost right about that combo. The combos is actually like this;

Jump or cross up with Mk then,

standing mp + hurricane kick (HK), after the hurricane kick is over connect a lp (this takes timming) and activate + HP, HK, and do the DP CC and when the bar almost runs out, do a HK hurricane kick and connect a lp + lk and Dp with HP. This should dizzy the opponent (weak opponents I would say). THen do immediately (so you don’t hit the opponent before they recover) one hurricane kick( a complete one with three “U” motions) with low kick to build up some meter. Then Do what ever combo you like with the meter you have. It’s around 70+ hits…and yes, it does around 90% damage…

In C-groove there is an almost 100% damage combo. Is basically the same like the A-groove one.



hmm, yea that makes sence, and that should be around 90%, but is that the only way to get it up to 90%, or is there a normal CC that gets it that high without having to do the continue or the fireball at the end?


Do it on Vega. :slight_smile:


Is this ratio one sak? hmm maybe if i bump her to ratio 3 hehehehehehehhahhahahahahaha!!