90s Cartoon Network vs. 90s Nickelodeon


Which channel defined your childhood?




The channel that had Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. :wink:


Ren & Stimpy and Rocko’s Modern Life trumps all. That shit is still funny and relevant today.


cartoon express on usa


Well, Nickelodeon was already on the way out…the downfall began with this shit called “Hey Dude”…that might’ve been on the tail end of the 80s (*yep–1989 start date) but that was the start of the downward spiral. There wasn’t much else I cared about from that point on other than the 1 or 2 hot broads that occasionally showed up and grew up to be even hotter…then a long stretch of garbage (various UGLY ass cartoons…serious “eyesore” art/animation) until the legendary Invader ZIM, and ZIM wasn’t until 2001.

90s Cartoon Network started off terrible too, so it’s actually close, imo… remember that CN was “The Scooby Doo Network” in the beginning… 98% Scooby Doo reruns + various other Hanna Barberra bullshit. The real deal wasn’t until they began showing action cartoons in the afternoon, eventually calling it Toonami…and that was what… somewhere in the late 90s, if I recall. CN wins this, imo, at least by a slim margin. Once Toonami got rolling it wasn’t even close anymore.

*as for which defined my childhood— I’m unfortunately one of the “old folks” here, so I’d have to say “random other channels” + Nickeloden then…since CN is relatively new. (*I think they started in '94) I’m from way back when Nick had stuff like You Can’t Do that on Television, Pinwheel in the mornings, Today’s Special, Little Koala, pre-ABC era Doug, Belle & Sebastian, Mysterious Cities of Gold, etc. Random other channels had the other stuff like MASK, Silverhawks, Transformers and all that Jazz™.


Both of those shows had a lot of adult jokes.


ed edd n eddy


First few seasons of All That curbstomps all


I think Legends of the Hidden Temple was an AMAZING show.



I’m biased. Cartoon network had toonami and dexter’s lab. Nickolodeon loses.